It’s All About That Base

Since it’s Tuesday, I’m joining the link-up organized by Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner)

My Topic today is: Double Digit Long Runs

Ok, so there are NO races.

Time to slow down, right? Run fewer miles. Take it easy.

Yes, if you are injured.

But, NO, not necessarily.

Here’s why it’s good to run at least 10 miles on the weekend:

  • You’ve got the time.

No social events. Not much else to do.  Can’t say that you are too busy.

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  • Burn off those extra pounds/calories.

Working from home does get you sitting around more.  No evening social events may have you watching more TV.

Let’s not forget it’s summer….ICE CREAM!!

  • Virtual Races and Challenges.

No races but there are still things to sign up for.  These long runs will help you meet your mileage/step quota.


  • What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

It’s cliche but we all know it’s true.

Yes, your legs will thank you (when you’re done.)

  • More Miles = Less Speed

If you run longer, you’ll worry less about pace.

All you have to worry about is finishing…

Does he look stressed about his 13 m/m pace?

  • It’s All About That Base.

Races will happen eventually. Not sure when.

Maybe some of you will get to run one this fall.

No one likes to start all over.

And with 10 miles under your belt, you CAN even run a half marathon.

I’m  also linking up here:

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Happy Running! Are you still doing your long runs? How long? Please share.

28 thoughts on “It’s All About That Base

  1. Agree! I try to keep my running fitness going because it feels good and I want to be able to jump right back into racing whenever it comes back.
    With all your walking and running breaks, I am sure you’re sitting around less! 😉

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  2. Nope, not here. It’s the perfect time to dial things down (but not stop). There’s a difference. It’s a great time to get stronger, so you can run better.

    Everyone is different, of course, but sometimes you have to ask yourself whether you’re really doing your body good. Maybe you are. Maybe your’e not.


    • True. Everybody is different. Dialing back may not be good. Or it may. If you can run 13.1, 26.2 or ultras, 10 miles is not too much. I think you are stronger than you think.

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  3. Ever since I started running half marathons more consistently, I’ve tried to maintain a good base. For me, that’s “averaging” 10-mile runs most weekends. I have never trained over 10-miles for any of my half marathons, so that 10-mile distance is pretty golden for me…and I’m always ready should an opportune race (magically) appear LOL

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  4. I agree its helpful to keep a base right now, even without races planned! I did some 13 mile runs a couple months ago and now my long runs are up to 10 miles. This summer I am going to focus more on mileage and less on speed since the heat slows me down.


    • Same. I will to stay active. The more miles, the slower I am and you’re right, it’s hard in the summer. So why not slow down and focus on distance.


  5. There is just something magical about starting the weekend with 10 miles. Right now I’m running shorter distances b/c I’m focusing on speed/adjusting to the heat but I miss double digits.

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  6. Good points! I am slowly building up that base again so I can be ready for next year. I doubt any will happen this year. I am supposed to do 8 today and really have no desire. I’ve been doing good but today just feel blah. We’ll see.

    Thanks for linking up with us!

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