What I miss about racing

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My Topic today is: The Racing Void.

I have been know to run as many as 40 races in a year.  Usually at least 30. Well, not this year.

Of course, I miss all the people involved in a race: my friends, the other runners, the volunteers, the crowd but here are some other little things that I also miss:


You know, planning your race outfit the night before and posting a pic.

Of course, I always plan my outfit but it’s not the same if you are not going to a race.

2.Pinning on a Bib.

It’s one of the things that makes a race different than a run or a virtual race.

3.Pre-Race Jitters.

No matter how many races I have run, I always feel nervous waiting at the start line.

4.Swag and Awards.

There’s something special about someone putting a medal over your head or handing you an age group award.

5.Post Race Refreshments

Free Ice Cream,

Chocolate Milk or even a Dark n Stormy.

They just taste better when you’ve earned them in a race.

Happy Running! Do you miss any of the above? Are there some other things that you miss when you are not racing? Please share.

14 thoughts on “What I miss about racing

  1. Yes! I’m certainly with you on the chocolate milk after a race. I need to find a race that includes ice cream in the post-race food. Loved the photo of you and your friend with the cone!

    I couldn’t figure out what a flat mes was! Then I looked at the photo and realized, Oh, flat me (plural)! 😀


  2. Not having a race on the horizon makes me want to “run for me” and I feel less pressure. Does that make sense? I am hoping to be in a good running shape when the time comes that I can sign up for one again…hopefully this fall! -M


  3. I haven’t had a popsicle since Pride. It doesn’t feel right even though the race one is also just store bought sugar water. You have to earn it.
    I don’t miss Flat Me. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve forgotten and it’s a stripped after race Flt Me

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