The Low Budget Runner

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My topic today is: How to be a Runner Without Breaking the Bank

I know most of you love your gadgets and running outfits but you can spend little money and still be a runner.

Here’s what I recommend (from personal experience):

1. Buy an older version of a GPS watch. They will most likely do what you need (without the bells and whistles.) If the battery dies, surf the web and just buy another. I’ve found mine under $100 on

I’ve bought the 205 three times already

2. Make some DIY items. For example, cut off knee socks instead of buying expensive arm sleeves. Wear two pairs of cheap gloves instead of lined expensive ones.

Like my arm warmers?

You can even use two tennis balls to roll tight muscles.

Picture of Tape Tennis Balls Together

I put them in a sock and tied the end.


3. Register for races early or with discount codes. Many bloggers are race ambassadors and have codes. Discount codes are often offered on special dates like National Running Day.

4. Buy your running shoes online. Once you know what you like, you can find deals on them at various online stores like Zappos, Runner Warehouse, Amazon, etc.

5. Running clothes from Walmart, Kohl’s and Target work fine. If you have to run in name brands, try online sites like Poshmark, title9 and many others that offer cheaper prices.

This Target jacket is about 10 years old. I have it in white too. I am also wearing two pairs of Dollar store gloves.

Happy Running! Any other ideas for saving money? Have you used any of my ideas? Please share.


18 thoughts on “The Low Budget Runner

    • Hopefully races will be rescheduled or money refunded. I don’t often DNS and if I do, the money can go to charity. I feel sorry for the organizations that will not be supported with refunding race fees.

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  1. I love those cheapie gloves – but I do have a better pair for when it’s really cold as my hands seem unable to stay warm otherwise. I know you love your 205 (I had the 305) but oh man do I love my smaller 220. Still, whatever works for you is great! And I’m with Judy – registering for races later saves me money – you wouldn’t believe how many races I ended up DNS last year and on top of not getting to run them, knowing how much I’d spent on entry fees hurt as well.


    • Yes it is really unfortunate when you have to DNS. It’s hurts more than $$.
      I have a smaller Garmin too but I love that you can see ALL 4 screens at ONE time on the older ones.


  2. Loved this post, Darlene! Even though many people say, you just need a pair of shoes to run, really, that’s not true.

    I have been running with a $10 watch for many years now. I think I may be ready to spring for a (cheap) GPS watch. Thanks for the good tips on where to look.


    • Running is as expensive as you make it. Some runners just have to have all the right gadgets and wear Lululemon and athleta brand clothes. To each is/her own.


  3. I do the arm sleeves all the time (as you probably know). I have a couple pairs that the sock pattern was so colorful and funky, I couldn’t toss them…so I just keep washing & wearing LOL The taped tennis balls are a great idea!

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