Weekly Run Down for 10.7.19-10.13.19: Travel and the Dreaded 20 Miler


Work Travel Again. But it’s the last trip (for a little while, I hope)

A Half Marathon happened at the end of the week as part of my 20 miler.

Almost taper time for my NYCM training.

Last Week

  • Monday  – Work trip to Sullivan County. It was supposed to be raining in the am so I didn’t plan to run before leaving. Of course it was not. But it rained the rest of the day. And hard. I had no choice but to run on the hotel treadmill. I was alone and there was TV but still hated it.

  • Tuesday – After a long work day, I went back to my hotel to change in search of some place nearby to run safely. I discovered a rail trail not too far away and headed there. The foliage colors were awesome and though I was tired, this run energized me.

Mountain Dale Rails to Trails

After 4.5 miles, I headed off the trail to get to 5 miles. My reward:

  • Wednesday – It again was supposed to rain but I changed into running clothes just in case. I had hoped to run on a rail trail that I had passed on my way Monday. It looked like it was going to rain soon so instead I found a trail near work. It turned out to be too muddy and full of roots to run on. Instead I walked. Almost got lost several times but I made it all around the lake before the rain.

Hanofee Park

  • Thursday – Back home and able to run after work with a friend. For convenience purposes, we hit the UAlbany loop.

we verged off the loop to run around Indian Pond

Then I went to the movies with friends (I skipped the restaurant dinner in favor of a run…it was a HARD decision.).

Renee Zellweger was fabulous but such a sad story.

  • Friday – Time to rest, unpack and play mah jongg. But first a quick run on the local rail trail (nice weather and there aren’t too many of those in the future.)

loved the wall art and the many painted rocks along the course

  • Saturday – My friends were running a race today. FOMO since it is one race I’ve done every year. Instead I started the day with a trip to the expo to pick up my bib for Sunday’s half.

Then the hubby and I drove up to Lake George for our LAST boating day of the season. The weather was again PERFECT and I spent a relaxing day with our friends.

  • Sunday – Yes, today was the day of the 20 miler. My only one during marathon training. I drove to the start of the Hannaford Half Marathon and in the dark ran 7 miles. (I started out on the trail but it was too dark so I ran on the road and then returned to the trail once the sun came up.)

Then I ran 13.2 more miles as part of the race.  Being a local race, it was nice to see so many familiar faces. (Even met up with Cari from NYC who was visiting her brother.) The first 6 miles went very well. Maybe too well. The last 7 were very painful…everything hurt.  But I was lucky to have a friend run the last mile or so with me and to have my running friends cheer me through the finish line, So it was harder than I thought but the 20 miler is done. Bring on the taper!

21 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 10.7.19-10.13.19: Travel and the Dreaded 20 Miler

  1. Congrats on 20! Having the half in there was a nice way to break up the run. I really want to see Judy, I was so excited when I heard that Renee Z was playing her…and yes I’m sure I’ll need tissues.

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