The Glass is Half Full

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So many people ask me when am I going to retire? They frequency say that they can’t believe I can keep up with this crazy work schedule.

Yes, traveling 8 out of the last 9 weeks.

Sleeping in hotels, eating in restaurants and often driving all over the state.

All while training for my first marathon.

But with the Bad comes the Good.

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So Why Is My Glass Half Full?

1. Airline miles, hotel points, train and car rewards.

And you know what all of them will be used for.

Race-cations. Woo Hoo!

I definitely would not be doing a lot of these races without these work perks.

2. Meet ups with friends.

I have been able to meet up with fellow ambassadors in Rochester and NYC.

I have able to catch up with high school friends on LI.

None of these occurrences would have taken place without work travel

3. Running in interesting places

In addition to amazing Central Park in NYC, I have discovered the Erie Canal trail and Lake Ontario trails in Rochester.

And Onondaga Lake State Park in Syracuse.

And recently the Vestal Rail Trail in Binghamton and Blydenburgh Park on LI.

Sometimes your running can get stale if you run on the same local routes.

Not me.

4. No Cooking and Cleaning

I admit it. I am secretly enjoying this.

Unfortunately this too shall pass.

Back to domestic bliss. Lol.

5. Meeting new people.

Yes, like the guy on the hotel elevator who has run the NYC marathon many times

And the cafe owner on the Vestal Rail Trail who has run many marathons but hopes to someday get into NYC.

And the desk clerk at my favorite NYC hotel who has started running because I inspired him.

And the guy on the subway to Brooklyn who travels and looks for races everywhere he goes. Like moi.

It’s amazing how a race shirt is always a conversation starter.

met a local runner at a Brooklyn race because of his shirt.

Happy Running! How could YOU not dwell on the bad stuff and focus on the good? Please share.


8 thoughts on “The Glass is Half Full

  1. You have a great way of looking at what you get out of traveling so much for work, Darlene. And I love that you find runners all over just by wearing race shirts – well, and being friendly, which is pretty obvious that you are. 🙂

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