Weekly Run Down for 9.30-10.6.19: Work Travel and Fun Travel


Travel and more travel. First to Long Island for work and then at the end of the week to NYC for a 10k and a Broadway show

NYCM training may have taken a back seat this week. 33 on the schedule.  Less than 13 miles completed!!!!!!!!

Last Week

  • Monday  – After a very long drive to Ronkonkoma and set up, I checked into my hotel and looked for a place to run. Someone at the hotel recommended Blydenburgh Park. And it was lovely. Lots of trails intended for horse back riding I believe.

so many swans on the lake and deer in the woods

  • Tuesday – Long work day and no time to run. I had to drive to Uniondale and check into another hotel and then drive to Bellmore to have dinner with two high school friends. Lots of driving but always fun to reconnect with old friends and laugh about the old days.

yes they are twins!

  • Wednesday – Another forced rest day since I had to go to work extra early and fight the traffic for a long drive home (5.5 hours!). I thought about an early morning but it was dark and I hate the mill. Besides I was pooped. Interesting weather. Left LI at 92 degree and arrived home at 52 degrees.
  • Thursday – Finally a run. And I was supposed to meet some friends to run locally after work. RAIN!!!!!!!! Don’t be shocked but I actually ran on the treadmill at the gym. Desperate measures. I.Hated.Every.Second.

  • Friday – Another Rest day.  Bus to NYC. After I checked into my hotel, I headed out to pick up my bib for my race the next day and meet up with Cari. Instead of resting my legs, I walked to NYRR, then Cari and I walked toward my hotel.  I got some pizza and ice cream and then walked around Hudson Yards.

  • Saturday – Normally a Long Run Day with my Sole Sisters.  But instead, today was my annual trip to NYC with my tennis friends for lunch and a Broadway show. So of course, I squeezed in a race, the Grete Gallop 10k first. (My first missed long run 😦 ). Normally I would have taken the subway to and from the race to rest my legs. But today, I wanted to add miles to my legs (and the race was just for fun). It was a struggle and hopefully those Central Park hills helped to prepare me for Nov. 3. I loved the race (and did run UP all those hills). The weather was perfect and even with 8000 runners and hills, I placed 3rd in my age group. 🙂

made two new friends waiting to start (one is pictured)

Then afterwards I walked back to my hotel, changed and walked to meet my tennis friends for lunch (Valerie’s on 45th) and then to Broadway to see Hadestown. Great show!!

that’s nutella filled French toast with a side of bacon

After the show, we walked back. I stopped at my hotel and then met the girls for a quick dinner before heading home.

Definitely a long BUT fun-filled day. 14 miles on the legs!!!!!  (6 miles run + 8 miles walking).

  • Sunday – Boating Sunday on Lake George? Nope. I wanted to go but the hubby thought it was too cold and windy. Wimp LOL.

28 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 9.30-10.6.19: Work Travel and Fun Travel

  1. Well, you know how I feel about summer ending LOL I can handle fall, if and only if it actually behaves like “fall” and not “winter.” Tall order, right?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Glad the restaurant worked out. So good to see you – wish I’d been able to stay awake longer Friday.
    Congrats on the age group! We looked up your finish when I was visiting Elizabeth but don’t thinkwe noticed that

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love that you’re able to meet up with other bloggers/friends during your travels, and you still fit in an impressive amount despite your very busy schedule. Impressive!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey Darlene!! Sorry I’ve been away from your blog so long. It’s so hard catching up.

    I laughed at you calling hubby a wimp hahaha!

    I am definitely sad that summer is gone. I don’t feel like I really got to enjoy it.

    It’s getting closer now, the marathon; you’ll be ok even if you miss some runs. You had a super busy week. Sometimes you need to have some fun tool

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I am GREEN with envy. I have been listening to Hadestown for months and have no clue when we are going to get it down here. The local season here features Hamilton, but also Wicked and Rent (both have been in Jax before), so it will clearly take a while for the road show. Unless I somehow swing a trip to Manhattan…..

    Boooo to the treadmill. It’s the worst.

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