Friday Five: Trail Running

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Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am clumsy. I have fallen when running on the road and have fallen even during races.

check out the blood streaming down my leg

So who would have guessed that this summer, I am running (NOT racing) on trails.

Obviously after five trail runs, I am not an expert but here are some of my tips to enjoy your time running on the trails:

1. Wear Proper Running Shoes.

You can run with normal running shoes but wearing shoes made for trail running will give you more grip on the uneven rocky or muddy ground. It will also give you peace of mind.

we got muddy but no one fell

2. Use Bug Spray/Tick Repellent.

Yes, trails especially in the summertime are buggy.  I even spray insect repellent on my clothes. I also wear compression calf sleeves to protect my legs from ticks.

sweaty but smiling because we had no bug bites

3. Never Run Alone.

Because on the trails there is a  greater possibility of either getting lost or falling, I think it is always best to run with a buddy. If you are alone (or get separated from your friend), make sure you have a charged cell phone with you!

hanging with my buddy Deirdre at Lawson Lake

4. Run on Different Trails.

Even running on the SAME trails can get boring.  If you are not fortunate to be part of group-organized trail runs, explore the Internet and the AllTrails app to find trails within driving distance of where you love or work.  You’ll be surprised at how many hidden treasures you’ll discover.

at Five Rivers minutes from where I live

5. Slow Down and Enjoy the Scenery

In other words, look around. Listen to the different sounds. Don’t miss a distant lake or not stop at an overlook.  Trail running definitely gives you the opportunity to appreciate nature more. It’s ok to walk. It’s not the time to work on speed. I recommend not even wearing a watch!!

stopping an an overlook in Thacher Park

Happy Running! Do run on trails? If so, any other tips?  Please share.


12 thoughts on “Friday Five: Trail Running

  1. I think I may have mentioned #1.

    I ran trails all by myself training for my trail half, but they were all at Pine Bush (which I don’t really recommend, it was just close).

    Bug spray is definitely very important although around here it’s important whether you’re on trails or not.


  2. I’m a total klutz as well. While I have not been on any trails in awhile, I do know I had to look down & ahead more than “around” due to the constantly changing terrain. But, I did ease up my speed (which already was slower than normal) to try to enjoy the scenic setting 🙂

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