Weekly Run Down for 8.5.19-8.11.19 – Avoiding the Rain


The theme of the week was looking at the forecast and finding a time to run.  And WEEK 6 of NYCM Training, of course.

Last Week

  • Monday – Since I wanted to get my nails done after work (priorities, right?), I got up early to run before work. I was treated to perfect temps (in the 50’s – woo hoo!!) Glad to have done it.

for part of the run, I ventured out of the neighborhood onto the water line trail (it is wasn’t even buggy)

  • Tuesday I had plans after work to meet a friend at the gym and then go to dinner. Since the weather for the next few days seemed iffy, I got up early AGAIN and ran a few miles before work. It was nice to enjoy those cool temps two days in a row but it’s challenge to keep the run interesting in my neighborhood. I do choose different routes but still…boring (Thank God for good podcasts). And the forecast was right, it did rain on and off in the afternoon.

  • Wednesday – There were several choices for today’s after work run – either SOAR on the same trails as last week or a run on the rail trail and then have ice cream. I chose the later for several reasons. The trail was a longer drive and I had run it last week. Trail running isn’t really running (for me) and more of my friends were doing the ice cream run. And then they both were cancelled due to predicted thunderstorms. So I went out for ice cream with my co-workers. And the rain never came. On my way home, I stopped at the rail trail and ran a few humid miles. Is it an ice cream run if you eat the ice cream before the run? Lol

  • Thursday -Thursdays have been for trailing running for the last 4 weeks but the location was pretty far, the trail more technical and most of my friends were not going. So I thought I would instead run on the Corning Bike Path which is not far from where I was working. Then I realized that I can run local anytime so I chose the trail run. Running friends Heidi and Deirdre did too.

Heidi and I drove together and it RAINed hard the whole drive.  But when we arrived, it actually stopped (Yep lots of mud on the trail). This trail was the prettiest of all the trails I’ve done but too slippery to run so we walked most of it.  That means we were BOTP, out in the dark and the trail markers were hard to see. Yes, we had fun even though we got lost several times.  There was even food (turkey, beans, etc) left when we finally found our way back. The drive home was even more eventful because of the detours and no cell service.  So it was much longer drive and a lot of laughs along the way.

  • Friday – Finally a rest day and my usual evening with the mah jongg ladies.
  • Saturday – Long Run Saturday with my Sole Sisters.  As usual, I am running longer than the others so I started earlier, ran 2 miles and then ran with Sherry for 9. The weather was perfect and it’s always easier running with a friend. Afterwards, we all went to our favorite brunch place.

  • Sunday – Boating Sunday. Can you believe, that it has not rained all summer on the weekend.  It would really suck if we could not enjoy the lake and our boat.

relaxed and read and then had our first BBQ of the season

8 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 8.5.19-8.11.19 – Avoiding the Rain

  1. I’m impressed that you ran after ice cream! Maybe it’s good running fuel in the Summer 🙂 And that’s good luck that the rain stopped in time for your trail run. But it sounds pretty tough with the muddy conditions.

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