Weekly Run Down for 7.15.19-7.21.19 – Birthday Week


Not mine but one of the Sole Sisters turned 70!! And we celebrated, of course!!

And it was also WEEK 3 for NYCM Training.

Last Week

  • Monday – For the first time in a while, none of my friends were free to run. So I headed to my local rail trail and ran alone (with my podcasts). My legs just were not feeling the run it but it got done.

returned some books to the mini library and saw the beginnings on a new mural

  • Tuesday Had a webinar to attend after work so scheduled a rest day instead of a run.
  • Wednesday – Again, there was a tempting evening ice cream group run but also an author was giving a talk locally. She wrote:

Run Like a Girl 365 Days a Year: A Practical, Personal, Inspirational Guide for Women Athletes by [Samuels, Mina]

I had planned to squeeze in some miles before the talk but instead, with rain and thunderstorms in the forecast, I got up early and ran before work. Holy Humidity!!

even with the temps & humidity, my run was so good – much more pep in the legs in the morning.

The talk was great and I knew a few of the runners there. And yes, it rained HARD on and off all day.

a cool lady who runs in NYC

  • Thursday – Since I enjoyed last week’s trail run so much, I decided to participate again today. Several of my running friends were also planning to go. It was very humid but I ran pretty hard since it was not that technical.  Could I be addicted to trails?

  • Friday – My usual rest day before a race day. I paid a visit to my chiro for a monthly tune-up. Also my usual Friday night mah jongg game.

our number varies from 3-12 players but almost everyone came tonight so we took a pic.

  • Saturday – Long run Saturday with the Sole Sisters.

so so humid

Because I was running longer than the others, I ran 3 miles before we gathered at the Corning bike path. Rail Trail. We are currently experiencing a heat wave (with high humidity as well as temps).

boy did this pool feel good on this hot hot day

After the run, we went to one of the runner’s house for a book discussion (Kathrine Switzer’s Marathon Woman), lunch, swimming (in her new pool) and a birthday party.

  • Sunday – And of course, it was Boating Sunday on Lake George. I have been so lucky that the rain has not interfered with boating on the weekends. It was another very humid and hot day. Even my stepson and his new wife came along for the first time. We gave them a tour of our favorite spots on the lake.  Al in all, another fun day.

30 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 7.15.19-7.21.19 – Birthday Week

  1. great week for you, but it seems you are sweltering like the rest of everyone!

    would love to hear if you have podcast recs. I’m going to be needing them real soon for long runs I need to do on my own.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Big Take always? I’ll have more when I read her book but she talked a lot about how she started running and how her running has changed since she has gotten older – now on trails not pavement and very few races – just runs for fun.


    • It was very fun to meet an author esp one who is an older runner and runs in NYC. I was surprised that the turnout was not bigger. My friends didn’t even go.


  2. Great week again!

    We are just powering through over here. it’s hot and it’s humid and I’m ready for some break. I think we are due for some kind of tropical system, so that won’t be great, but it would be some relief.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sounds like a busy week! I love all the pictures you shared too. We had a heatwave this weekend, but temps have cooled off again, thankfully!!

    Liked by 1 person

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