Weekly Run Down for 7.1.19-7.7.19: Holiday Week and No Work Travel


Two days of boating, only four days of work and no work travel.  Great week! And it was also WEEK 1 for NYCM Training. 17 more weeks to go!

Last Week

  • Monday – The rain over the weekend cooled down the humidity but not really the temps. I was glad to have had company on my after work run at UAlbany.

there was a lot of walking and talking but a mile is a mile is a mile

  • Tuesday I thought about playing tennis but it was a nice day so I chose running instead. Since it was a last minute decision, I was solo. I chose Washington Park because I had not run there in a while.

another slow one but it is done

  • Wednesday – Yup, three days in a row of running but two rest days to follow. Today I was with my friend Heidi, whom I had not seen in a month. We ran on the rail trail near my home. And it was HOT!! (over 90 degrees!)

  • Thursday – Woo Hoo! Day off. Many of my friends were running a July 4th race but as I always do, I headed up to spend the day on the lake with the hubby. No place I’d rather be on a hot day (not even racing).

cooling off on the boat followed by fireworks at the marina

  • Friday – Unfortunately I was back at work. A quiet day since many people took the day off. Then there was mah jongg in the evening.
  • Saturday – Long run Saturday with the Sole Sisters. Still not running really long but longer than the week days.  We chose the Zim Smith Trail (because we like to eat at Leah’s Cakery after.) It was very hot and very humid. Although there were 7 of us, we all ran solo since we had different distances to run and we run at different paces. Still a fun time as we chatted a long time at brunch.

always glad when I have lots of friends to run with (even if the weather is challenging)

  • Sunday – Rest Day! And Boating Sunday!! The weather had cooled down from yesterday’s rain but it was still a lovely sunny day on the lake.

even had company from a duck while reading on the back of the boat

31 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 7.1.19-7.7.19: Holiday Week and No Work Travel

  1. I skipped my 4th of July race this year! Every year it is so hot and miserable and I question why I run it but I do it again year after year. Not this year. I obviously was not trained to run a 5k of that caliber ( hills, heat, and humidity). My sister ran it though and did great as usual.
    We went out on the boat for the first time yesterday and it was lovely.
    Looks like you had a great week! -M


    • I bet boating was beautiful yesterday. It was a nice day for it.

      I have never run a race on July 4th but my friends do. Maybe I will next year but maybe never. Being on the water when it is hot is more tempting. The race starts at 9. It would be different if it started earlier.


  2. I wish I could go to Thatcher Thursday, but between 2 appointments that day & Mr. Judy having something to go to that evening and having to keep an eye on Bandit, it’s just not possible.

    Pretty sure I don’t want to run in the heat on Wed, either. Taking advantage of the nice weather to run more days in a row than normal right now. It’s going to be very hot again soon.


    • Unfortunately, I can’t usually decide when to run based on weather. Wish I could. If it is too hot, I just walk a lot. It gets done. Right now I don’t even check the weather (can’t do anything about it) – just try to get friends to run with like you did on Sunday. Running alone is no fun.. I’m lucky they are pretty flexible.

      Not sure about Thursday either – that’s a long ride after working all day.

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      • It is a long ride. I might’ve done it if I didn’t have 2 appointments, one being a vet appointment already in the later afternoon. Plus Mr. Judy having an evening thing — just doesn’t work. Too bad; I like Thatcher!


        • I’ve never been but I have to see how much running I get done today & Wed because on trails, it’s not really running. I do have a race on Sat and many more on my schedule.

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          • I’ve been several times. I find it soothing there. Obviously it’s even further for me. But just not gonna happen that night. It’s too bad the trail runs are Thursdays; they’re always busy for me but this one particularly so.


  3. YOu have so many great running buddies. I have to say that I am a bit envious!!! Looks like you had a fab week of running and great relaxation on the 4th.


  4. Another great week for you! I worked on Friday, as well. It was so quiet and a lot of people were off on vacay…so I got to go home at 3:30 😉 Your boating sounds fun and relaxing.


  5. Such beautiful boating weather! It looks like you had such a wonderful holiday! Sorry you had to work on Friday – that must have been slow.

    Love all the beauttiful places you get to run in – it’s awesome to get to mix it up like that.

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  6. Awww, your little duck friend is cute! 🙂

    I love that you chose a particular trail for your run because you and your friends like to eat at a nearby place. My friends and I do the exact same thing!

    Good luck on your race this weekend! Have fun!

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