Weekly Run Down – 5.20.19-5.26.19: Back to the Big Apple


Working in NYC  is always a treat. Not as much running as I would have liked but some weeks are like that.

Last Week –

  • Monday – After I arrived in Manhattan, checked into my hotel, trekked out to Queens to set up and then trekked back, I managed to get in a run in Central Park.  I took a subway all the way to the north end (110th St) and ran around the Conservancy Garden and beyond. So beautiful!!

so beautiful that I may have walked more than ran…and met a guy in the NYRR info booth who has run NYCM 20 times.

Then I walked back to my hotel on 35th St. A nice but warm night for a LONG walk.

the statue was in Rockefeller Center

10.2 miles on the feet the day after a half. Yikes. Surprisingly the legs felt no pain.

  • Tuesday After a long work day, I hopped the subway (subway, LIRR, subway) to see the Warhol Women exhibit. Got off at 72nd W not 72nd E.  UGH!! Thus a long walk through Central Park. It was a beautiful day and the exhibit was worth it.

Then I walked back to my hotel (on 35th) so I could change out of my work clothes. I planned to run along the Hudson River. But it was so windy. So I ended up at Hudson Yard with a climb up to the top of The Vessel. It was cool to see the city from above at sunset.

No run today. 6 miles on the legs for the day would have to do.

  • Wednesday – A rest day because I had to take the train home after work.
  • Thursday – Another rest day because our monthly tennis girls night out was on the schedule.  Tonight we went on a garden tour followed by a lovely dinner (and we didn’t even get rained on).

a little FOMO because I had wanted to go to a club-sponsored trail run)

  • Friday – And yet another rest day before mah jongg night.
  • Saturday – A 15k race at noon or FTC training run with friends…Decisions. Decisions. I chose FTC because it was the last one and a chance to see my Sole Sister running friends.  I ran with the “advanced” group and we ran 6 miles, easy enough to chat the whole time.  I was glad that I went. Then I went out to brunch, stopped on the way home to do some errands, then there was cleaning, laundry and weeding.

Well, it was National Wine Day.  You know what that means…

  • Sunday – Our first outing of the season on our boat. And the weather was PERFECT. A relaxing day with water views and catching up with our marina friends.

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