Friday Five – Why Not to Race Frequently

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If you follow me, you probably know that I love to race and am a big proponent of signing up for lots of races. I posted about this last Friday.

My FTC coach tells me all the time that I race too much.  “Just pick a goal race and train for it,” he says.

My topic for today is: The Downside of Frequent Racing

1. Money

It costs a lot money to race all the time. Money that may be better spent on other things (like a race-cation, pair of shoes, etc. even non-running related items)

Related image

2. Scheduling

You can run any time and anywhere. But when you sign up for a race, you are locked into the day and time of that race. You may have to forget that you have family and friends.

Image result for running race memes

3. Weather Conditions

Yes, you wind up running in the rain or snow or sub-zero conditions.

Image result for meme race fees

If it weren’t for the race, you may run indoors, later in the day or on different day.

a wet 5 mile race

4. Injuries

Of course, if you are injured or feel that you may be injured, you might rest for a few days or run easy.  Not if you have registered for a race. You go out there and run. And if you competitive like me, you race it.


The consequences could be making your injury worse and being forced to DNS an important race.

I was very lucky that a 5 week calf injury did not get worse by running this half marathon

5. Training for Long Races

If you run long races, your training plan usually includes a long run each week. These runs should be at an easy pace.  Running shorter races on the weekend does not allow this to happen.  Yes, you can race (as I do) and add on miles before or after the race.

5k race + 7 = 10

But it probably doesn’t prepare for race day as well as if you do those LSD runs.

Happy Running! Do you race frequently? Why or why not?


21 thoughts on “Friday Five – Why Not to Race Frequently

  1. To some people I race frequently; to others our don’t. And I have friends who love to run but never race.

    The $$ can definitely add up quickly. Life gets in the way. You can be sick on race day (sometimes because of training) & that’s not fun.

    I like a challenge though.


    • I enjoy the challenge too.

      You can save $$ by signing up very early. You can also save money by staying with friends instead of hotels or doing local races. And the $$ to the charity is a tax deduction.

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  2. I don’t know, Darlene. You make a compelling case for not racing so much, but the problem is, racing is just so much darn fun! I know I should focus on one race and train specifically for that one, but I love racing and have not been able to do much lately. Now that I feel good again, I want to get out there and run!


  3. I’ve definitely been feeling like this recently. I used to love races but now the scheduling and other logistical downsides are outweighing the pluses. I’m sure that will change in the future though.

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  4. I’ve never been one to do a lot of races–I usually pick a few and train for them. Last year I raced a lot–I’m not sure why. I’m hoping to get back at it this year but I’m not doing any planning in advance until I get this health thing under control.

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  5. I use to want to to all the Racecations all the time but I’ve really slowed down on that. I don’t have the time to train like I use to ( so that cuts down on long distant races for me) and I can’t get away as frequently as I use to ( because I have an ill dog that I don’t let anyone else care for), so for those reasons I’ve found comfort and joy in running local 5k and other short races. There are so many 5K races around here that I’ve been trying to do a different one each season! Of course some are tradition ( like the Harvest festival), so I will continue to do them every year.

    As long as you are physically able and can find the time to run those races, I say go for it! I really enjoy following your running journey!

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  6. I think there’s up and down sides — the rainy day race can end up as so much fun and teach you (Me, Poland Spring 2017) that you love running in the rain.
    I did enjoy my break this spring — it was as much mental needed as physical but it’s having physical benefit too in terms of the PR. I think it’s about doing what feels right for you, not worrying about what others think we’re doing
    PS: I don’t email enough, clearly. Just fouind this

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