Weekly Run Down for 4.15.19-4.21.19 – Recovery and Return to Training


I survived Half Marathon #36 but I still have 2 15ks and another half marathon in the next few months to train for.

Last week

  • Monday – So today was week 5 of the Freihofer Challenge Training (FTC) group.  Finally a session where I had not run the day before. However, I did run 13.1 miles two days before and my uninjured leg seemed sore. It rained most of the day and the temps really dropped from the weekend. It was also VERY windy. (out came the winter running gear.) Hopefully next Monday, I’ll do some Advanced drills but not today.

  • Tuesday My leg felt better today so I met Christina for a short after work run. We decided on the Corning Bike Path since it was close to where I was working.  Even had a little sun to combat the wind.

  • Wednesday – Rest day after a long work day.  A fun evening at my monthly tennis meet-up.

  • Thursday – Another after work run. With Christina again at the same location as Tuesday. No sun today but less wind.

  • Friday – Rest day and the first night of Passover. I celebrated it at our annual Mah Jongg seder.
  • Saturday – Long Run Saturday. Lots of options.  FTC run or Rabbit Ramble 4m race or just a long run. But it was raining, I am a weather wimp and almost bailed on the whole thing. But I did go to FTC, even ran 4 very speedy miles with the Advanced group. Because the skies opened up, instead of continuing our miles, we went out to brunch.

  • Sunday – Since I only ran 4 on Saturday, this morning I did my long run. The weather was absolutely perfect. I met Deidre & Christina at the Nisky bike trail (where we have not run since fall). We did 8 miles together with varying intervals and it was almost painless.

Easter Sunday and dinner with the fam…yes, I celebrate all.the.holidays.  It’s all about the food. LOL


32 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 4.15.19-4.21.19 – Recovery and Return to Training

  1. I do a lot of my runs for fun. Usually, I have a “big” goal race in the mix, so a lot of the races filter in as training runs. I’m ready for a break now. I have a team relay in a few weeks, and my next race isn’t until the first of June. Thanks for joining the link-up!

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      • I find the problem for me personally with long haul (which I actually do like) is that if you leave your top outside (for me, anyway, being short) that it gets in the way of grabbing your stuff. My solution was to tuck in the top, but I don’t really like that either.

        I’m sure you wouldn’t like long haul because you’d feel it’s too long.


          • My guess is you wouldn’t really like it (but of course you wouldn’t be paying $85 for it either).

            I actually would like to get a second one, and probably will at some point. But not right now. It’s good for when I don’t want to wear a hydration vest but need to carry more water.


            • Well, if I had unlimited $$, I’d buy more. Trying to balance with I want with what I need. My drawers are full. Have way more than I need already. Of course, needs are relative like pace.
              My full is in Nov and it’s only one day and they have many water stops. The question is how much Gu can my pickets hold?? LOL

              I am pretty low maintenance when it comes to running. No gadgets except for an old watch. I don’t even own a foam roller.

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  2. Looks like a really fun week despite crazy weather. It’s been SO freaking windy here too although I can’t argue with yesterday’s 78 degrees FINALLY! I celebrate all the holidays too! It’s more fun that way. Um yes, one very big race coming right up for me…

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  3. Great job! I’m sorry that sore leg keeps plaguing you 😦

    I run all my races for fun, to be honest. It’s my favorite recreational time and I take full advantage.

    April is shaping up to be a light month, so I’m hoping to get in a race soon.

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    • Well, we have few races all winter that’s why April & May are so busy.

      Different leg and it disappeared. I’m sure it was all those downhill miles.

      I agree. Races and running are my social life LOL.


    • I agree. Hot chocolate and a hoodie would be more appropriate for a fall race but they are run all over the country and for the first time in NY. I bet the fall dates are taken.

      Tuxedo cats are cute. My cat that recently died was white with blue.


  4. Love that flag!! I would like to get one that matches Lola too. I have a race on Sunday in DE. My training has been so so but my goal is just to finish. I agree with you that it is all about the food. Oh, and the company too. My family got together on Sunday and for me it was more about eating, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company. 🙂

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  5. sounds like your weather has also not gotten the memo that it’s spring. That is, not until Sunday 😀 I’m not so much a weather wimp but am influenced by weather wimps 🙂 I *totally* would be been down for brunch once the heavens opened up. So your leg is feeling better then – that’s good news!

    no running now or on the horizon as you know… well. My final appt is May 21st in the morning and I’m planning on wearing my running kit and running once my ortho clears me 😀 I hope she will anyway.

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