Delmar Dash Race Recap

It is nice to run a race that is only 10 minutes from your house.

This is my 7th time running this race. In 2017, my back was bothering me so I didn’t run it and in 2012, I had a broken ankle. Otherwise, I try to run it every year. If you notice by my clothes, the weather has gotten colder every year.

It is a flat course so my times have been fairly decent:

2019 – ??
2018 – 45:09
2016 – 47:14
2015 – 45:26
2014 – 48:14
2013 – 47:39
2011 –  47:08

Now only if spring would arrive. We’ve had a few warmish days but not today (but not as cold and windy as it could have been.)

It’s always hard at this time of year to decide what to wear.  Too cold for spring clothes but I am tired of jackets and tights. I opted for a DIY arm warmers with a short sleeved shirt, a skirt with compression socks, a cap & gloves and hoped that it would be enough.

I got there early. I knew a few people doing this race so I went inside the school to look for them.

The race started on the street but ended in front of the school entrance

My hubby picked up my bib the day before so I didn’t need to arrive early today.

I had to exchange it because they gave him a Men’s Small not a women’s Small.

As soon as I arrived, I bumped into Karen and we chatted for a bit.

I also chatted with several other runners that I knew. Because of the local half marathon scheduled for the next weekend,, there weren’t as many runners as usual. probably around 250.

It was chilly outside so we waited until the last minute.

My hope for the race was to have a decent finish time. That would be under 50 minutes. I had a surprise PR last year and I doubted that I could beat that especially without doing any speed work and my recent calf injury.  Besides, I wanted to stay healthy for my half marathon NEXT SATURDAY!!!!!

Thanks to the Spotlight News for these online photos

I lined up with some faster runners including Anne and Carolyn who is in my age group. But I forgot that they do not use chip time – just gun time for this race.  I should have lined up closer to the starting line.

why didn’t someone tell me the tag was sticking out from my cap??

and Judy checking her watch?

Of course waiting for the race to begin, I was cold but I was fine as soon as I started running.

SPOTTED: 2019 Delmar Dash

I tried to start out fast but not too fast.  Though I never know what this is. And I probably did since my legs seemed to have zero energy today. (Those 10 miles walking the day before may have had something to do with it LOL)

I tired with each mile but tried my best to keep it up. Carolyn was my beacon. I tried to keep her in my sight although I know I would never catch up to her. Well, I did eventually lose her.  But Karen caught up to me and then she passed me as well.

happy Karen who got a PR

There was clocks at every mile so I knew that I was probably running too fast. And the sun came out. And I was PERFECTLY dressed (for once).  I even took off my sleeves and gloves.

I also noticed Luis, whom I work with, he was ahead of me.  I tried valiantly to stay with him.

By the water stop at mile 2.5 or so, I was tempted to walk but again as I did last week, I decided to push it and NOT walk at all.

The clock at mile 3 told the bad news – a 5k PR.  To me that meant that I would probably die soon.

I saw my Freihofer coach shortly after that who yelled that I should lay on some speed since there was only ONE MILE left.  I yelled back “Very Funny…TWO miles left.”

Carolyn in pink

So I tried to chick a guy with long grey hair and a beard …and I did.

I crossed the finish line at 45:XX (Officially 45:15). 

I waited until Judy finished and then went inside to get some food. I had some soup, bread, birthday cake and hot chocolate. Judy got a massage which I never do but the line was not long and it was free ..  so I did too.

we obviously like that Skirt Sports pattern

I came in 5th (out of 9) in my age group.  Boo.. the prize was a red glass!

Splits: (according to my Garmin)

mile 1- 8:52
mile 2- 9:00
mile 3- 8:48
mile 4- 9:13
mile 5- 8:58

44:53 – unofficial PR

Since this course is flat and near where I live, it is still one of my favorite races and I will run it again next year. I am really happy with my time…because I had ZERO calf pain!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I mentioned, I have a big race on Saturday…with having only run 6.5 miles the preceding week, I felt like I needed to add some miles to the legs.

I drove to the rail trail.  Lots of runners and bikers were out on this gorgeous day.  I had thought about 5 miles but I barely completed 4 (with lots of walking).

the only flowers we see up here are painted ones…

That makes 9 miles for the day… and

ONE WEEK until my next half marathon.

Image result for helderberg to hudson half marathon

April 13, 2019

There is now a new link-up organized by Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner).

Since today is Tuesday, I’m linking up with these ladies.

I’m also linking this post with Susie and Rachel and Debbie and Lora for the Running Coaches’ Corner.

 Happy Running! How was your weekend? Any running or racing? Would you race the week before a big race? Do you add on miles to a race to make it a long run?


16 thoughts on “Delmar Dash Race Recap

  1. I wish it was just 10 minutes from my house, but it’s not too bad a drive. And at least there was no snow on the ground this year!

    I never noticed the tag on your hat; I would’ve said something if I had noticed it.

    Patrick is right, because you run amazingly with little training.


    • Maybe. I know I should train or try harder. I just can’t wrap my head around putting that much time and effort into running. Other things seem more important. I don’t even want to take the time to start my watch when I run. I certainly don’t have time to look at my paces after each run. You need to do that if you train for PRs.

      Not criticizing anyone who does this. I admire them. I just run because it’s fun.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations!! You had a great race! I’m glad you had no pain during your run. I definitely took for granted when I lived right near all the races near the Art Museum in Philly…it’s so much easier! Love the purple top that you wore during the race!

    Liked by 1 person

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