Weekly Run Down for 3.4.19-3.10.19


Lots of ups and downs. Most of them unrelated to running.

Last week

  • Monday – Today I took the train to NYC for work. Some snow and ice but not too much to be able to meet Cari and go for a long walk. (Yes being good about NOT running.)

great Hudson River sunset, conversation & pizza!

  • Tuesday A long work day but hoping that the roads in Central Park were clear enough to go running. And they were. The run was not without discomfort but still grateful to be doing it and having company. Thanks Cari.

  • Wednesday – As promised I did not run but it was hard to hold back. Instead I took a walk to Times Square and back to see a Broadway show.

great cast and entertaining show

  • Thursday – Another long work day. I had planned to either run along the East River or meet Cari in the park but decided to give the leg another day of rest. Went to the movies instead. (This not running is getting expensive.)
Greta poster.jpeg

very creepy movie

  • Friday – Rest day because I had to take the train back home after work.
  • Saturday – Long Run Saturday. Last one before my race. Normally it would be a taper but I was still building up mileage on the legs after the injury runbbatical. I ran alone for a few miles and then had company for the rest. Leg felt better the longer I ran. Still not healed and I followed brunch with a painful ART session. (appt #6)

perfect weather for one day!

My chiro agreed that it is a strange injury and should maybe see an ortho after the race.  Lots of standing, walking and stairs in NYC seemed to irritate my calf and it appeared as tight as my first visit.  Yet when I run (and don’t walk), the discomfort seems to disappear the longer I run.  She thinks I should run the half marathon.  So that’s what I’ll do.

  • Sunday – Rest Day, errands and some bridal stuff with my daughter-in-law to be.

35 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 3.4.19-3.10.19

  1. I hate mystery injuries – I know you’d do whatever it takes to fix it, so this whole not being any better after all this time has to be frustrating. Still, I’m happy for you that you got the go-ahead to run the half marathon.

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  2. I can’t answer these questions with anything we didn’t discuss Monday and Tuesday. LOL
    You got great seats for Kate – TDF?
    See you Saturday. Hope wake, funeral go as best they can

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  3. I’m glad your’e playing it safe with your injury and rally back. I also know it’s probably more painful NOT running than when you’re in motion doing what you love. Are you foam rolling/massaging it? Hope the half marathon goes well…you have a great base, so at least you know you have the endurance. Thanks for joining us with the WRD link-up 😉

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  4. I love that you were able to meet up with Cari last week. I hope that I can meet both of you at some point this year!

    I know it can be super duper frustrating dealing with an injury but I think that you are doing all the right things.

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  5. Well, I guess being able to run without it hurting too much is good news. Hopefully you can power through that 13.1 and get an ortho appointment soon if you need one. Greta does look creepy. Very creepy. Sorry again about your brother-in-law.

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  6. How fun to see Cari. I’m encouraged you can run 10 on that leg I wonder why your Chiro wants you to see an Ortho? Rule out sfx probably. Not running DOES look expensive for you. Haha!

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  7. I’m so sorry about the loss of your brother-in-law.

    I hope you can get this injury figured out soon. I can’t imagine how frustrated you must be.

    I love sneaking off to the movies whenever I can. Greta looks flat out terrifying. Curious as to what you didn’t like about it.

    Hope you start getting some answers.


  8. I’m sorry about your brother in law. Lots of thoughts with you and your family right now.

    I love that you got together with Cari. Your injury is so very odd. You’d think it would get worse WITH running. I hope an ortho can figure it out. At least you have the all clear to do the half marathon.

    We had spring weather (as in southern europe spring) and now it’s turned to typical dutch spring. rain. wind. cold. Ah well without it we wouldn’t have all the beautiful flowers in April 🙂

    Running quite a bit right now but keeping it in balance with everything else. Just 13 more days and it’s all over (for 2 months).

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  9. So frustrating when injuries are weird like that! I hope it feels better and that you are able to get back to your normal running! Hope your race goes well also!

    Sorry about your BIL, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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