Weekly Rundown for 2.25.19-3.3.19: ART, Running & Cats. Oh my…


22 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown for 2.25.19-3.3.19: ART, Running & Cats. Oh my…

  1. Hope the family stuff resolves quickly. Let me know if you need anything on that front.
    I am cold looking at that ice cream. I went to Starbucks at the end of mine because I was so cold and had a couple of errands I still needed to do.

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    • I will let you know as soon as I know. My brother in law died unexpectedly on Fri. The one I stay with in Fla. Not sure when the funeral is.


  2. New shoes definitely make a difference! I hope that means you have turned a corner towards recovery, I think my ITB and calves are chronically tight. My PT usually spends a bit of time on one or the other, if not both. I would not enjoy cat yoga.

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  3. It does sound as if you’re turning a corner with your leg. It’s really hard to go from not running to running 8 miles so that was probably just a temporary thing with your quads.

    I am surprised that you’re trying out new shoes this close to a race (but then tried and true shoes for me hurt me in my last race anyway!).

    I am sorry for your loss. 😦


  4. The cat yoga sounds so adorable! I’ll have to see if they have something like that around here. I’m glad that you’ve seen some improvement in your leg and the chiro has cleared you to run a bit. Yay for the new shoes!

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    • I’ve read that animal yoga is attend. Cats. Dogs. Goats.

      Fingers crossed that the leg continues to improve. My chiro understands that I need to run.


  5. Here’s hoping the new shoes, rest, and ART help get you back to 100% – I’m of the mindset of throwing everything at an injury in hopes of healing it…hey, you never know!

    So sorry about your brother in law.

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  6. The Wave Inspires were my favorite shoe until they tweaked them (a few years back). The most recent ones I had (the 13’s?) felt much better, though. I have been in the Brooks Adrenalines (another support/stability shoe), though, and they have been great. I’m curious how your new WI’s compare to the ones I’d worn. Congrats on being smart and holding off on all the runs you’ve been tempted to do 😉 I know how tough that is! Thanks for joining us on the new link-up!

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  7. Gah! Cat yoga! That’s amazing! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

    You are being so good and I’m proud of you. It’s always so hard to follow medical advice, but you’re doing great and you are going to be awesome in time for NYC!

    I used to run in Inspires. I loved them but they are just a wee bit too clunky, and with so many other stability shoes being made so much lighter and more flexible, I couldn’t stick around.They do have great stability, though.

    Thanks for joining in the #RIOTS fun!


    • They are clunky. Not sure if I like them.

      I’m running when maybe I shouldn’t. So hard to when you are truly too injured to run.


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