1.7.19-1.13.19 – Four weeks to go…


31 thoughts on “1.7.19-1.13.19 – Four weeks to go…

  1. Jerry has a very sweet face. It’s always sad to say goodbye to a furkid that’s been with you so long. I always console myself when they’re that old, though, that they’ve lived a good, long life. I know Gizmo has. It doesn’t make it easier, though.


  2. What a busy week for you and happy anniversary!

    I was so sorry to see the news about Jerry on your IG page. We never have long enough with our beloved pets – I’m so sorry for your loss 😦


  3. I’m so very sorry for the loss of your sweet kitty 😦 It’s so hard when our furbabies decide it’s time to go to the Rainbow Bridge.

    You are getting in some great miles. And I love mah jongg! It’s such a fun game.

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    • I didn’t know you played. My mother did when I was a child but I didn’t start until I was an adult. It is fun.

      The older the pet, I think the harder it is to lose them.


  4. I’m so sorry about Jerry. It’s so hard to lose a furry family member!

    What half are you doing? In Florida? I’m going in March–I looked at some races but I just don’t know if I’m going to do one. Marco Island has a half on the 17th but that’s really far from where I’m going (150 miles). There’s also one in Ft DeSoto state park, which isn’t too far and that I’ve run before. I’ll decide as time draws near.

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    • Publix in Melbourne – my sister-in-law lives a half hour away so I will stay with her.

      I love Marco Island but that is far.

      I’ll have that dilemma next year.


  5. I haven’t signed up for anything yet, but I’ve got my eye on a half in June. Though I may decide to do the 10k instead. We will see. I’m sorry to hear about your cat it’s never easy to lose a pet.


  6. Sounds like a great social week! I have only played mah jongg on the computer. I had no idea it was not only a solo playing game! I used to be in a neighborhood bunco group. Always a big deal when you’re the big winner of $10 or $20 buck! It’s the thrill of the game.
    So sorry to hear about your cat 😦

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  7. good but cold week. it seems like it got really cold really fast!

    I’m really sorry about Jerry. As you know I lost my Elvis just a couple months ago. And he wasn’t even that old. All the tears 😦

    how did you manage to run a whole race with your shoe untied? I’d have kissed the pavement for sure.

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