Weekly Wrap for 12.24.18-12.30.18 – Running with Friends


32 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap for 12.24.18-12.30.18 – Running with Friends

  1. We’ve had a low-key holiday because my husband caught the cold I had a few weeks ago. We did get out for a bike ride yesterday — the sunshine felt so good. Today we wasted our energy on putting the decorations away. 😉 You managed a lot of runs over the holiday. I’m trying to take it easy on my hip but having a hard time staying on the sidelines.

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  2. Mr. Judy is grilling tonight (unless it rains, but maybe even if it does, he pulls the grill really close to the house). I still need to do the sides. And no doubt we’ll watch a movie but I won’t be staying up to midnight. Our normal exciting evening. 🙂


    • This is the first year in my life that I have to work so I didn’t make plans. I’m sure we’ll go out. I hope I can stay up to toast the new year. At least the race is not until noon.

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  3. Great week! And a nice week coming up starting with NYE celebrations! I wish I had more friends to run with although I did get one run in that blew up my hamstrings ( intervals uphill) with my training group!
    We are in a Berlin for NYE – currently chilling out after a 10k race and later we are going to brave the crowds at the Brandenburg Gate to ring in the new year! Will be strange to finally get back to a normal schedule soon!


  4. Nicely done! You had more snow than we did yesterday, but we weren’t supposed to have any. Funny re: tights, seems to have been a week or two of people forgetting at least one essential. How was Green Book?
    Quiet day for me today: sushi, run and veg after busy weekend

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