The Worst of 2018

Last week, I wrote about the BEST of 2018.  As you know with running, everything is not “wine and roses.”

Here are some of the not so stellar moments of 2018.

  • Worst Race(s)

So what determines a “bad” race? Slowest?? Hardest? Ugliest course? Most unorganized?

Any of the above.

Les 20 km de Paris

Due to the heat and lack of water, this was a very tough race.

Brew 2 Brew Half Marathon

This course was awful – around a parking lot and then on a main road with traffic.

Brooklyn Half Marathon

This was bad only because of the weather – freezing and wet for all 13.1 miles,

RnR Montreal Half Marathon

A very poorly organized race with an ugly course route and no food at the end.

Pelham Half Marathon

The hilliest course I’ve ever seen.

  • Worst Run(s)

Any run done on a treadmill, of course.

And probably one that I did in sub-zero temps.

There also was the time that I tripped over a dog on the streets of Manhattan.  No photo of my injuries, however.

  • Worst Picture(s) from a Run or Race

This is hard because I usually fake smile when I see a photographer or delete the photo if it is ugly. But I found a few not so flattering ones:

  • Race Experience(s) you would never repeat:

The only one would be Brew 2 Brew because there are so many other half marathons in Florida in the winter. (And yes, the medal was that small.)

You can’t control the weather or the hills.  I am sure with all the negative reviews, RnR Montreal will be greatly improved next year.


6 thoughts on “The Worst of 2018

  1. OMG, race pictures can be so bad – I swear to god some photographers just know when to take the shot: She looks strong and confident, NOPE. She looks like she’s walking with a derp face, THAT’S THE SHOT. LOL.

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