TOTR: 2018 Goals

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So as we approach the end of the year, today’s topic is: Evaluate Your 2018 goals

I did not set any goals for the year.  But instead, last January, I made some predictions.

Let’s see if any of them came true.

  • I will run more miles on the treadmill this year than any other year.

Um. I don’t think so.  I think I ran twice on a hotel treadmill and not more than 3 miles each time.

  • I will run at least 25 races and one will be another Rock n Roll race.

YES! I think I ran about 30 races and I ran the RnR 5k and Half Marathon in Montreal.

  • I will not get my hubby to run a race with me.

This is true. He did not run with me but I did get him to do ONE hike.

  • I will speak French at one of my races.

Oui. Oui. I ran the 20Km de Paris (and RNR Montreal).

  • I will win at least five age group awards.

I think so.  LOL.  At my age, it happens. I think I won over 20 AG awards.

I even won an AG award at 3 of my half marathons which is always a surprise.

Here are just a few:

  • I will have run 1000 miles by the end of the year (unless I get injured.)

Nope!  I was not injured. I just had too much fun, I guess. I shortened my weekend long runs and skipped some weekday runs. I ran over 900 so I’m still content.

  • I will not PR at any distance this year.

Wrong!  5k, 5 Mile and 15K PRs at age 65!!

So I accurately predicted 3 out of 6. 50-50. Not too bad.

Happy Running! How did you do on your 2018 Goals?  

12 thoughts on “TOTR: 2018 Goals

    • Thanks. I wish my hubby would run. He’s very athletic and would be good. But he’s thinks it’s crazy. He didn’t really enjoy hiking either. But I begged.


  1. Nice job on those goals. I set out this year with no plans and no goals and instead ran 5 halfs! I’m also closing in on 1000 miles running and that just blows me away. I didn’t even realize it until I checked this week. I’m so close that now the pressure’s on. Wow. You know what, as an ‘older’ runner, life is indeed very good.

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  2. Congrats on reaching most of your goals and for all those AG awards. It’s nice being in an older age category, but you still have to train hard to place. My biggest accomplishment was my PR and 5th out of 119 at Richmond Half which actually gives awards 1-5. I am thrilled!

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