Weekly Wrap for 8.27.18-9.2.18: Lots of Rest Days


Back in NYC but only for 3 days not 5. Heat Wave and not much running (but not because of the heat.)

  • Monday – Took the train to NYC today and normally I would head right out to do a run. But in addition to running, I love tennis so since the US Open Tennis Tournament has started today in Queens, I decided to get tickets. I have been many many times but never to watch a night match.

Anyway the train arrived an hour late so the run was out of the question. So I hopped a subway to Queens and waited on a LONG line but got to see Kelly Clarkson in concert and Serena and Rafa play. So glad I went (except for late bedtime.)

  • Tuesday – Again, you will be shocked to note that I did not run again in NYC. I REALLY wanted to but my co-workers scheduled a dinner and I didn’t want to act anti-social so I went. It was a fun time and I did walk to and from the restaurant rather than taking the subway line the others.

BTW: the heat index in NYC was 107.

  • Wednesday – Rest Day #3. No time to run, I had to catch a train home after work.
  • Thursday – I wish I was a morning runner.  I had a hair appt after work. Life is getting in the way of my running. I was done around 7 pm with finally some cooler temps so I caved and went for a run.

forgot my hat – ugh but ran on a bike path that I haven’t been on in ages.

  • Friday – To run or not to run. I hate to run the day before a long run but I had time before mah jong so I did.

ran in town (which is celebrating Ovarian awareness) and on the rail trail

  • Saturday – Finally able to run with the Sole Sisters. What a difference from last weekend. It was cooler, earlier and I had company which made all the difference. I ran with Judy for 5 miles and then Sherry for 6.  Then the 10 of us hung out for food and conversation.

  • Sunday – Boating Sunday.  After a weekend off, I was happy to get back on the lake. It was the annual Christmas celebration so there were lots of boats in the bay and a live band. So much fun.

This Coming Week

  • Monday –  DAY OFF – 4 miles
  • Tuesday   rest day, tennis
  • Wednesday – train to NYC, 4 miles
  • Thursday 3 miles
  • Friday – rest day, train home
  • Saturday –  12 miles
  • Sunday – rest day, boating

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you?  Is the humidity killing your running mojo?Please share.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap for 8.27.18-9.2.18: Lots of Rest Days

  1. I am much more likely to run in the morning than evening, being a morning person. And I’ve been forced to put in some really early (for me) morning runs this summer. I had plans for one this morning, but life interfered, so I’ll probably run on the treadmill this afternoon.


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