Fall Running/Racing Plans

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Today’s Topic is: Fall Running Plans

Fall in the NE is a great time to run. It is cooler and the foliage views are awesome.

I normally have quite a few favorite races on my schedule but this fall, five weekends will be taken up by race-cations to Montreal and France so I will miss some of my favorite races.

Not complaining. I can run them next year.

So here are the races that I am looking forward to this fall – 3 half marathons and a 15K

Image result for rnr montreal

Sept 23, 2018

This is my first race as a Rock n Blogger as well as my first international race. I am running 5k AND the half with a few local friends and I hope to meet some other bloggers there.

Oct. 14, 2018 20K not a half but close enough

This is a dream come true. As a former French teacher, I’ve always wanted to run a race in Paris and now I am.  The race comes at the end of a vacation in Sanguinet (Bordeaux region.)

Image result for stockadeathon

A local 15K that I always try to run.

Image result for pelham half marathon 2018

Another new race and my last half marathon for 2018. A great way to run off all that turkey. And I will running with running buddy Alyssa. (We haven’t raced together in a long time.)

I am also joining up with Running on HappySuzlyfeCrazy Running Girl, and Coach Debbie Runs for the Coaches’ Corner linkup


Happy Running! Which fall races are you looking forward to??


17 thoughts on “Fall Running/Racing Plans

  1. I do enjoy Stockcadeathon, but I’m waiting. Just not sure where I’ll be.

    Obviously looking forward to my next two halfs. Maybe life will even calm down before them — nothing like 2 vet visits in one day to suck up your time & $$$.


      • Well, Gizmo hadn’t been going much but now of course he has to. Lola came down with the cough from hell sunday. We didn’t even go to my parents yesterday because of it. So we have to go to the vet.

        Gizmo’s was already scheduled, and Lola just has to be seen (we would have taken her yesterday if it wouldn’t have cost $$$$ at the emergency vet).


  2. You’ve got a great fall filled with running ahead of you! Can’t wait to see what you think of RnRMontreal. I runfess I may be keeping the Paris Marathon in mind as a “fallback” race if I don’t get into London or Tokyo next year.

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  3. Oh I didn’t know you were a French teacher, how cool! Rock ‘n Roll Montreal was quite the experience when I ran it last year…I hope you have much COOLER weather! All your races sound great!

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