Ultimate Coffee Date – September

It’s that time of the month…

It’s COFFEE ice cream, of course!!

to join up with Coco & Deborah for their ultimate coffee date.

Yes with the summer temps, I am still having lots of ice cream!!

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that life has gotten in the way of my runs.  I could complain about the heat but that’s not it.  I have chosen tennis and social outings and just plain skipped my weekday runs.

Anyone else take a running sabbatical (when you are healthy)??

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that because I did not have time to run, I missed that big heat wave. I was in NYC and the heat index was over 100 three days in a row.  I didn’t worry about the temps or even consider running on a dreadful treadmill.

But just walking in NYC (and waiting for subways) had me sweating, I still managed to get in a lot of steps. 0 miles running but 17.1 miles walking in 3 days.

Do walking miles count as training?

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I am the worst solo runner.  I do not have any motivation. I stop and walk, take photos, access FB & IG.  Yup, the runs may be in the 14 min. pace range and I don’t care. (I don’t even wear a watch.)

Unfortunately, I did not run with those women and this was the slowest 12 miler ever

I think that’s why I used to just run races all the time. When I am in a race, I get that adrenaline.

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that that I was really looking forward to racing in Paris because I would be running the race with @fit_in_france

Oct 14, 2018

But unfortunately, she has to DNS because she needs to go to the US to visit family. We are in the process of planning a run together for after I arrive in Paris and before I leave for Bordeaux.  Fingers crossed!

Anyone else ever run a race in Paris? Any advice?

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I complained that I may have lost my racing mojo.  I had skipped many weekend races in favor of just running with friends.

My solution has been to run a race during the week. So I ran the Hump Day 5k on a Wednesday and I may run the Sefcu 5k on Monday.

Ever run weekday races?

Happy Running! Got anything to spill? Share it here!

10 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date – September

  1. Mmm, coffee ice cream! I haven’t done a weekday race or run in Paris, but I’m sure you’ll have fun doing both! I definitely stop for photos while running, but I never open FB or IG. That would be the end of it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That ice cream looks so good!

    I feel ya on life getting in the way–that’s definitely been my case as well lately, but I’m hoping to get back into everything again soon.

    I hope you have fun in Paris and that you’ll still get to hang out with your friend!


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