Weekly Wrap for 8.20.18-8.26.18: Home Sweet Home


Yay! No travel this week except to a girls weekend in the Adirondacks.

  • Monday – Every year, my former co-worker and I have breakfast at the Saratoga Race Track (This was year 33, I think),  In the last few years, we have stayed and bet on the horses too.  It is loads of fun and we had the most perfect weather day of the summer.

my biggest win was $10 but I only bet $1…that way I don’t lose much

  • Tuesday – I was scheduled to play tennis after work today but it got cancelled (not enough players) so I ran (in my tennis clothes) and then met my BFF for a walk in the mall. Sorry no pix. Tennis outfit had no pockets to carry my phone.
  • Wednesday – A long day at work and before I knew it would be a training day, I had registered for a 5K race.  I seriously considered a DNS since I was tired and hungry but I did it.  It was hard and my slowest 5k in years but still no regrets. I won my age group and there was a post-race BBQ.

  • Thursday – Definitely not feeling it and I had to make food for the weekend and pack and go out for dinner & drinks with a friend but I did a quick one at UAlbany because I wasn’t sure when the next time I would have time to run.

  • Friday – Rest Day because after work, A friend & I drove up to Schroon River for my weekend with the tennis ladies. We decided (or maybe I begged her) to go for a short hike before dinner. It was a little steep but the views were worth it. Unfortunately on the way down, we both fell. (That is why I don’t do trail races.)

  • Saturday – Today was fantastic and filled with so many activities. I went out for a few short runs (to get coffee, a neighborhood loop, to the tennis courts).

Before everyone else arrived, I talked my friend into a second hike.This time we were careful on the descent. No falling!

Since this was scheduled as a tennis weekend, I actually played tennis.

After tennis, there was lunch, relaxing, swimming and a nature walk, followed by dinner.

I reluctantly left my friends a day early because I needed to be home since I was headed to NYC on Monday.

  • SundayBoating Sunday. Well, the hubby’s tennis team was playing in sectionals so this gave me the opportunity to do my long run. Unfortunately, the Sole Sisters ran together the day before so I was solo. I chose the Zim Smith Trail so I could reward myself at Leah’s Cakery. I did bump into some familiar faces but it was slow tedious run with lots of walking. Not much fun but I got it done.

This Coming Week

  • Monday – rest day, train to NYC, US OPEN tennis tournament
  • Tuesday   rest day, dinner with co-workers
  • Wednesday – rest day, train home
  • Thursday – rest day, hair appt
  • Friday3 miles
  • Saturday –  12 miles
  • Sunday – rest day, boating

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you? Are you sad to see the summer ending or are you looking forward to fall? Please share.


18 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap for 8.20.18-8.26.18: Home Sweet Home

  1. Your weekend with the tennis ladies sounds fun. I’m glad you weren’t hurt during your hiking fall. I’m sorry you didn’t get your boating Sunday. We didn’t go until late yesterday and during my second “run”, my ski came apart (and it’s the only one I’d brought) so we cut out trip short. I was bummed since the conditions were ideal. Have fun in NYC this week. Thanks for linking!

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  2. A really nice week! I’m envious of your hiking adventures, though I’m sorry to hear about your fall! Congrats on the 5K AG win! And I hope you have a great time at the US Open!

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  3. How fun to do a race in the middle of the week like that! Earlier in the summer a neighboring town has a mile race that is on a Thursday evening but I have yet to do it.

    I am always sad to see summer come to an end, but I realize it is time and I have come to terms with it…haha


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