Ultimate Coffee date – August

It’s that time of the month…

It’s COFFEE ice cream, of course!!

to join up with Coco & Deborah for their ultimate coffee date.

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I was wavering on running a summer half marathon. I usually run the 10k each year and many of my friends will be there. But as my running buddy said, for the half you only run the hills once rather than the same ones twice. (Just more different hills!!)

Image result for camp chingachgook half

However, my friend Anna from Russia saved the day.  She is coming to the US and I will be going to NYC to see her that weekend.

Anyone running a half marathon in the heat of summer??

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that you wouldn’t expect me to go to NYC and not a race, would you?  Actually, it was Anna’s idea not mine.

Image result for Governors island 5k

August 11, 2018 – 9 AM

I’ve visited Governor’s Island once and I’ve always wanted to run there.

Anyone running this race or have run it?

Over coffee…

I’d tell that my favorite “healthy” Starbucks drink has been discontinued…chocolate banana smoothie. They told me that they don’t have protein powder or bananas anymore.  Very bummed.

Ever have your favorite drink or food discontinued from a restaurant?

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I decided NOT to run this half marathon even though I will have major FOMO. Just too expensive.  Maybe another year.

Image result for key west half marathon 2019

Ever not choose a race because of the cost (hotel/transportation)?

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I recently realized that I could get a guaranteed entry into the 2019 NYC Marathon.

My 2018 Brooklyn Half Marathon finish time is: 2:11:23

The big problem is that I have never run a marathon, never wanted to run a marathon, never want to train for a marathon, etc. You get the picture.

Related image

Nov 3, 2019

If you were me, would you do it? (Don’t say “Yes” unless you plan to run it with me…)

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I recently got my age group award in the mail for a race I ran in June.

pretty cool, I think. May be my favorite. (it’s a glass paper weight)

What is your favorite age group award?

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I decided not to renew my tennis club membership and not to play in a regular tennis contract.

This was a very tough decision.  I have played tennis regularly for the past 20 years or so (although less frequently since I started running).

will be missing my Tuesday tennis pals

It’s expensive and right now, it’s too hard to fit into my work schedule.  Hopefully, it will only be a year off.

I still plan to take my annual tennis vacation in May and may even be able to sub for some of my tennis friends throughout the year.

Ever had to cut out an activity that you really love?

Happy Running! Got anything to spill? Share it here!

52 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee date – August

  1. You know I’m going through this exact debate w/r/t NYC, and I’m leaning yes. Alas I can’t do it with you as you’re faster, but I’d be happy to virtually train with you. I have no interest in a marathon, but it’s NY.
    If I didn’t have where to stay for Fort Lauderdale Half, I probably wouldn’t have done it again since hotels so expensive President’s Weekend, so I’m repeating it.

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  2. Can massage count as an activity? I’ve had to cut back on them. I really need one!

    As you’ll see in my post tomorrow, I still don’t want to run a marathon. It’s a huge time commitment — at least, if you actually train for it. It’s not that I’ve never thought about it, but man, the last 2 long runs were sooooooo tough.

    I still haven’t decided what I’ll do next weekend. But I can definitely say I’ve run a half in the summer now! Actually, a few of the halfs I’ve run in spring have felt more like summer halfs.


  3. My friend ran the NYC marathon (she got in with a charity and had to fundraise) and said it was the best thing she ever did – she trained with intervals, which was the first I’d heard of them (this was in 2010) and managed to finish with a huge smile on her face – said she loved seeing all the different boroughs and the spectators…if you can, you should run it!

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  4. Wow on the tennis, but there are so many hours in the day. I hope you get a lot of sub time (assuming it fits for you). I would not do that marathon for the reasons you stated. If you don’t have time for tennis, how would you have time to train for a full? Of course, you could make it happen if you really want to, so I won’t judge either way. 😉

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  6. hehe, that’s cool that you managed to sneak a race in whlie you were in NYC! I’m sorry to hear that they discontinued that smoothie! No bananas?!? :[[

    I’ve definitely had to cut a lot of my favorite activities out of my life due to lack of time (or lack of proximity to studios/gyms that have what I want/need when I can actually go)–I’m hoping my schedule will work out someday so I can start em’ up again!

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  7. I usually don’t run any half marathons in the summer, with the exception of RnR Chicago, although I dropped down to the 10k this year.

    I’ve wanted to do RnR Seattle for years. Even though I get a free race entry, the cross-country flight and hotel was just way too expensive, so I totally understand not signing up for a race due to costs.

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    • Same. As a Rock n Blogger, I can run them for free but the hotels & the flights are so expensive. If they pick me again, I hope to do one in 2019.


  8. The closest I ran a half marathon in summer was Rock ‘n Roll Seattle last year in June. I couldn’t imagine tackling that distance in the middle of July or August!

    That’s so cool that you could do next year’s NYC marathon! Everyone says it’s such an amazing race. If you were interested in actually running it, I know you’d do a great job! But those long training runs in the summer get old fast, lol!

    I hate when favorite food items get discontinued…especially when it’s the only thing you like!

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  9. Traveling for races can get so expensive – I totally get taking a pass on a race because of the costs involved. The whole NYC thing sounds really tempting, but not worth it if you’re feeling iffy about running a marathon – such a big time commitment! Such an iconic race – if I didn’t already have MCM next year I’d probably throw my hat into the lottery.

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  10. WOW! NYCM??? I’d do it in a heart beat if I was a tiny bit faster with my 13.1’s LOL(and had a qualifying time). It’s crazy how expensive races can be, so I totally get your perspective. I’m contemplating a few more R’n’R’s…but the logistics are pricey. Too bad the R’n’B thing didn’t arrange for group-rate lodging, right?

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  11. FUN! I mean guaranteed entry to NYCM?!?! I’ve heard it’s awesome. I’ve also never run a marathon and forever was saying I WOULD NOT, but I just decided to run LA in 2019 because I was inspired by the kids running it. So, I can’t run with you in person, but I encourage you to consider it in spirit! 🙂

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  12. Coffee soft serve? Yes, please!

    I would totally do the NYCM, whether I wanted to run a marathon or not. Honestly, it would be the only one I would do.

    I’ve had to take a pass on races because of the expense. It’s hard to do it, but sometimes, budget has to be taken into account.

    Love your age group award, and love that you are getting to run a race in a place you’ve always wanted to! Have fun!

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  13. I was supposed to be running a half marathon this upcoming weekend! but I AM training for a marathon so I kind of have to do these distances anyway. Now I have to find another Half + 2 miles to run on Sunday. Nice that you will be seeing your friend and running with her in a place you really want to run at!

    I was curious so I looked up the Key West Half and 5K prices – HOLY SMOKES ARE THEY SERIOUS??? I think I’m pretty spoiled over here. No Half costs that much unless it’s a major MAJOR Half like Berlin. Even Berlin Half didn’t cost that much! and 50 BUCKS FOR A 5K?? That’s 10 bucks a K!!! Geez. I don’t blame you.

    I would run the NYC marathon with you 🙂 Just saying 🙂 Seems like you have quite a few takers now!

    Sorry you have to give up your tennis club membership. Can you just rejoin when you are ready? Here you actually go on a waiting list to join a club! It could take years!! So no one gives it up unless they really have to (like their arms fell off and they can’t play anymore). Funny. It’s kind of like our subsidised housing situation too. Hold on to the very end of your cheap apartment and your tennis club membership.

    maybe it sounds odd but I gave up my weight watchers meeting a few years ago because I just couldn’t fit it in my schedule anymore. I really enjoyed going and I was the coach’s assistant so I got to go to the meetings for free and help all the members check in and set up new memberships. I haven’t been back even though I could possibly go now – my coach stopped with WW (so I’d have to pay. It’s not much, but it’s enough that I don’t want to pay it).

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  14. Anna to save the day! Fun you will still get to run a race though 🙂
    I have def missed out on races due to cost! Sometimes I wonder where all that $ goes!!

    I played volleyball for about 15 years and then I had to let it go after I had tumors in my back that messed me up pretty bad. Even after surgery things in my arm/shoulder/back are not the same as they were before.

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