Ultimate Coffee Date – June

It’s that time of the month…

It’s COFFEE ice cream, of course!!

to join up with Coco & Deborah for their ultimate coffee date.

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I feel jinxed.  I’ve had to run THREE races in the rain in the past month.

Anyone else had to race in the rain lately?

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that it’s not all doom and gloom. The sun does shine during the week.  So if you run weekday races, you do run in sunshine and heat.

Do you ever race during the week?

Over coffee…

I’d tell that it’s been stressful since I returned form my Florida tennis vacation.  My arch started to ache and hurt after running.  All that Googling pointed to PF but I refused to give into it. So I ran a 5k anyway. And now, it no longer hurts. (And no, this kind of behavior is not recommended.)

I celebrated with a milkshake

Ever race despite pain and maybe being injured?

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that the only good to come out of my bucket list Brooklyn monsoon half is that I may have qualified for a race.  My first.

NYC Half Marathon qualifying times… March 2019


Age 65  and 2:11.23 finish time

Have you ever run a qualifying time for a race?

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that FOMO is setting in for 2019.

I thought I would go to Florida in March,as usual, visit my friends and of course, run a half marathon.

Now some local runner friends are tempting me with this:

Image result for key west half marathon 2019

Will I be able to resist??

Do you ever register for a race because your friends are twisting your arm?

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I’m not a slow runner but I’m not a fast runner either.  Pace is relative, right?

On Memorial Day, I got asked to run with some runners that I didn’t know. They said that it would be an easy pace to view the war monuments.

I definitely found out what it feels like to be BOTPer. And I was huffing and puffing.  They were nice and stopped to walk several times so I could catch up for a few moments.

Do you ever run with runners who are faster than you and struggle to keep up?

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that today I am running a race for 11th time.  The Freihofer Run for Women is the only race that I run EVERY year.  I’m excited to see all the new runners complete their first 5k, elites such as Joan Samuelson and so many local runners that I know from running groups and races.

No goals for this one… just fun fun (like last year) and no rain, please.

Do you have a favorite race that you run every year?

Happy Running! Got anything to spill? Share it here!

18 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date – June

  1. Congrats on the qualifying time! That’s awesome. I’ve only qualified for one race but I did it 3 times. Boston, Boston and Boston. I think all the races I run these days are because of friends…except for Lulu Sea Wheeze and the World Marathon Majors. Those were my idea.


  2. Yay for qualifying for the NY half. Does that give you an automatic entry?
    In the years that I have been running races, I’ve only ever had to run one race in the rain. Turns out it wasn’t that bad. I was very cold when I was done, but it was only a 7k so it was manageable!
    I don’t think my friends ever pressured me into running a race. Hmm, maybe that tells me that my friends don’t want to run with me…haha -M

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  3. Congrats on qualifying, that is so cool!!

    Boo to so many rainy races. I don’t mind running in the rain but every race? That would bug me after a while, lol!

    I’m glad you don’t have PF, fingers crossed that you’re not injured!! And yes, I did run my marathon on a hope and a prayer that my heel pain would stay at bay…thankfully it worked out!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know. We runners sometimes do stupid things. I don’t think I have PF but I have to be careful now about overuse and my arch.


  4. Aww, sorry to hear! I feel like my friend and I have been jinxed too, not so much with running, but with rain every time we want to go hiking. :[

    Congrats on qualifying! I hope your race went well and that it didn’t rain for that one! :O

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh my goodness, I’d so choose the Key West race over your usual Florida trip. That one is unique and few people can say they’ve done it! Go for it Darlene! Oh yeah, congratulations on your qualifying time ..that’s awesome! If I had to qualify for a race in order to run, I’d never be able to run a race. Lol

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