Friday Five 2.0: Run. Not Race.

It’s Friday so I’m linking up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup! Join in! Don’t forget to use the new FIVE MINUTE format, link back to your hostesses and visit some other bloggers.

Last Friday I wrote about why I race a lot. This week, I’ll look at the other side of the coin:


  1. MONEY

Yes, racing is not cheap.  Running is FREE!

Running & Eating – lots of fun without a race


If you are competitive, like I am, it’s hard to slow down when you are in a race. You may not stop when you should.

Racing with a metatarsal stress fracture


Unfortunately, you can’t change the time or date of a race but you can run whenever you are able. And where ever you choose.

just squeezed it in after work and before a dinner engagement


I am the first to admit that a long run completed by adding miles in after a long break because you were running a race is not ideal when training for a big race.  Plus, there is the race pace followed by the tired leg pace.

5k + 3.9 = 7 miles


You have to get them done during the week.  Those hill repeats, tempo and progression runs will not happen in a race. And as you know, you shouldn’t wear or try anything new during a race.

new top, new skirt (too loose!!), new shoes – oh no!

Happy Running! Do you run a lot of races? If not, why not?  Please share.


29 thoughts on “Friday Five 2.0: Run. Not Race.

    • But I enjoy it much more than a solo run.

      I also would be less likely to run during the week if I didn’t have a race on the weekend. You are much more disciplined than I ( or you have to be accountable to a paid coach LOL).

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        • That is so true.

          I think I was more serious when I first started running half marathons. Now I realize that running is more about fun than finish times. But I am getting faster with less running. Go figure!

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  1. I used to race a lot more than I do now. I just don’t care about my race times or who I beat anymore. Been there done that. Color me apathetic. I loathe having to add extra miles before or after a race to satisfy a long run. Not fun at all but I guess its good for mental toughness.

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    • Maybe when I have been running as long as you have, I’ll feel the same way. It still feel rather new and I am still hoping to get faster before I start to slow down.

      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel like running more miles when I am done with a short race but I know I can’t run 13.1 miles without any long runs.


  2. I race for the social aspect – but this year, I’ve cut out a couple of races that I always have done, mostly for money and time constraints. It does add up, but hey – I don’t go to bars, so this is how I spend my beer money, LOL.

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  3. While I LOVE raceations, my bank account doesn’t, LOL. This year I’m doing way less races (I’ve only done one race weekend so far this year) because I am doing 4 racecations. I’m okay with racing less if it means I can travel more.

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    • Yes. I agree. My race-cations this year have been inexpensive – used FF miles for LV and Fla and shared rooms or stayed with friends.

      That’s why I can’t do exotic places or races though I would love to. Too costly!!


  4. I do a lot of races, but I don’t have that “racer” mentality. Sure, I’m not slugging along, stopping for donuts at the water stations. Like Marcia said, I’m not concerned with every finish time or how many other runners I can beat to (every) finish line. I guess I’ve been there, done that, too 😉

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  5. My fiance is definitely in the camp of doing less races and running more often. Racing takes up SO much time. Years ago I ran like 7 races in 5 weeks and ended up injured…ugh! It’s definitely important to balance it all!

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