TOTR: My Least Favorite Part(s) of Running

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Today’s topic is My Least Favorite Part(s) of Running

Well, at least my list isn’t as long as the one for what I LOVE about running.

  • Injuries

Unfortunately they happen.  Knock on wood, I have been blessed the past few years to be injury-free.

broken foot – June 2013 – my last running injury

  • Cost

Compared to other sports like skiing, tennis, etc, running is fairly inexpensive. But racing fees, running shoes, etc can put a drain on your wallet.

RnR races are not cheap!

  • When things don’t go right.

You can train and train and do everything right and your race tanks. These are so many variables (health, weather) that interact to make a race NOT go as hoped. Many of these are out of your control and many are in your control.

not thrilled with how I felt during this half (my fault!)

  • Scheduling Runs

If you don’t train, you can get injured, not get the results you want at a race, etc.  (Unless you are one of the lucky few who can just go out and run a fast half marathon with no training.) And yet, it is sometimes so difficult to get in those runs.  Family, friends, work, health, weather… they can all put a crimp on your running schedule.

in the hotel after work…before dinner

And that’s it!!!

Happy Running! What do you like least about running?


15 thoughts on “TOTR: My Least Favorite Part(s) of Running

  1. I know that in the moment there can be some crummy things about running (slogging through heat and humidity, feeling like you’re never going to get to the finish), but obviously there’s not many bad things because you and I keep coming back, LOL!

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  2. The time it eats up. Oddly enough I’ve gotten so much more done while being sick because I’m not running (and strength training). Not that I don’t plan to run again. Hopefully tomorrow, actually. And hopefully not in the rain!


    • Yes, it does eat up time. Which explains why nothing gets done at home. I work or I run.

      It looks like rain just about the time that I would run – after work and then SNOW on Thursday.

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