Friday Five 2.0: Giving Back

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My Topic for today is:  Ways to Give Back (to Running)

When I think about what running has given to me, I am overwhelmed.

When I think about how much money I spend on running and there are people who have very little or are too sick to run, I feel guilty or even greedy.

Maybe it’s because when I work in NYC or Buffalo, I see so many homeless people on the street (and it’s winter!).

But rather than buy another running outfit, shouldn’t I give that money to someone less fortunate or contribute that money to a charity??

Maybe I am the only one who feels this way but if I am not, here’s my FIVE suggestions on how you can give back to running:

1. Donate your extra running clothes or shoes.

Check out your local store store or running club to find out where you can do this.

Image result for donate running shoes

2. Volunteer at a race rather than run in it.

These races cannot happen without volunteers.  We often take that for granted.


I bet he doesn’t want to be doing this in freezing temps.

3. When you register for a race, donate extra money to the charity it supports.

I know that races are expensive enough and we don’t feel like adding more money to the fee. So register for one less race and donate that money to a charity.

Buy one less running outfit or pair of shoes and donate to runners in need.

This is a great cause –

Or raise money for a charity in order to run a race that you didn’t qualify for or didn’t get into the lottery for.

Image result for register for a race and add money for a charity
4. Mentor a Runner

Everyone of us was once a beginning runner.  I am also aware of the fact that some of us have coaches and want to get faster.  So just find a time in your schedule when you are not training for an important race and help someone else.


GOTR is one of the many opportunities out there. 

5. Push someone who cannot run for themselves.

Organizations like Team Hoyt and Ainsley’s Angels provide the opportunity for runners to pair with an rider and work together to cross the finish line.

several of my friends are part of this group

Happy Running! How about you… do you give back to running?  Any other ideas to add?

34 thoughts on “Friday Five 2.0: Giving Back

    • I do. There are lots of ways to give back. I mentor Amanda. But since Running has given us so much, I feel guilty when I spend so much money on myself. Not everyone does.

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  1. You know, I suspect that volunteer DOES want to be there – I know when I helped out at a couple of local races, I enjoyed it, even with getting there super early, and being out in the cold. It’s fun to see a race from the other side.


    • For that race, it was FREEZING!!! I have volunteered too but I usually do when it’s a race that I don’t intend to run. Because it always makes me want to be out there running it. Like you said, it’s fun to be on the other side.


  2. I donate my shoes but I did not know there was a way to donate old running clothes other than Goodwill, etc. I actually love volunteering at races, especially ones I’ve run before, because I think I have a good idea what goes through the runners’ minds at various spots on the course and I feel like I know how to give them the support they need.

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    • I can donate at the Athleta store at the mall and to the STEM program.

      I don’t volunteer as much as I should at races. I’d love to volunteer at a marathon because I know they really need that support.


  3. These are great ideas. I usually donate my old shoes and volunteer once in a while. I support other runners in my MRTT group, but I’m not great about running with newbies — I’m selfish about my running time. 😦

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  5. I love this post Darlene! I try to give back where I can and have done 4 of the 5 that you mention on a regular basis. Running has given me so much, I am happy to give back where I can! (and I ALWAYS thank volunteers – not every single one, mind you – as volunteering is hard work!!)

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