Running Update: 11.27.17-12.3.17


Last week – 

  • Monday – Missing my BRF (whose hubby is sick and she cannot run during the week) so I decided to run in the park around the Holiday Lights. A preview to my next 5k.

  • Tuesday – It was a cold yet sunny day to run but I played tennis instead.
  • Wednesday – I took the train to NYC for work. My plan was to run nearby (Wall St area) before dinner. It was super windy but warm. And you can’t beat the views at sunset.

  • Thursday – I worked all day in NYC and had planned to meet a former co-worker in the evening.  Still I wanted to squeeze in a run.

  • Friday – Again I worked all day in NYC and then took the train home…no time to run today.
  • Saturday – This morning, I met the Wineglass ladies for a run. I ran with Judy and Jan for about 5 miles and finished up with some speed for the last 1.4.

Of course we went out for breakfast after.

  • Sunday – Today was the first of five (FREE) Winter Series races. You could run 3m or a 15k.  I usually run the 15k but since I ran the day before and I am not training for anything yet, I chose the 3 miler. Friends +Foods + Free = perfect race. Finish time was 26:49. Happy with that!

Then in the afternoon, I gave my usual birthday gift to my mentee – painting, eating and drinking (at Canvas, Corks and Forks)

If you can’t tell, it’s supposed to Northern Lights

Next Week

  • Monday 4 mile run
  • Tuesday rest, tennis
  • Wednesday – train to NYC, 3 mile run?
  • Thursday – work in Queens, 3 mile run?
  • Friday – rest, work in Queens, train home
  • Saturday – hair appt, Last Run 5K race, book club
  • Sunday – rest day

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you? Please share.

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16 thoughts on “Running Update: 11.27.17-12.3.17

  1. Great job on your 5k! I still have yet to do a 15K…thinking maybe Hot Chocolate in April.

    That sunset is amazing! I love running in NYC, I need to go back!


  2. I know you must enjoy your trips into NYC, especially this time of year. I’ve always wanted to do one of those cork and canvas type things. The next time I’m looking for a way to entertain a guest, I’ve got to remember it! Nice time on the 3 mile race! Thanks for linking.


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