Running Update: 10.23.17-10.29.17


Last Week: 

  • Monday – Off to NYC for work.  Staying in Manhattan but working in Queens does complicate things at least on the running front. But today I was able to run. 3 days of rest does a body good because I felt like I could run forever.

Running to and along the Hudson River – pleasantly surprised about the number of runners and all the lights!! The hardest part was navigating the crowded sidewalks to get to the river path

  • Tuesday – It rained on and off all day. I worked so I didn’t care. Because of the weather, I hadn’t planned to run and went out to dinner with co-workers instead.  But of course, the rain stopped and I wish I had run.

My first Korean BBQ

  • Wednesday – After work, I quickly changed my clothes and headed toward the East River. Perfect in every way.

Can’t believe how many runners were here – great place to run. wish I had more time or my hotel were closer

  • Thursday – Last day in NYC. Had to run, right? So after work I hopped the subway to Central Park. Ran around the park and ended with some retail therapy.

already setting for the marathon in 2 weeks – lots of runners everywhere and as usual got a little lost but made it out safe

  • Friday – Work and then the train home. Too pooped to run anyway.
  • Saturday – Had 12 on the schedule   Didn’t want to run alone so met up with some of the Wineglass group early early. I wound up running a speedy 10 Miles with Alyssa and then joined everyone else for breakfast.

As they say running is better with a friend. Probably would have run 12 if I was alone but it would have been slower and not as enjoyable

 I spent the rest of the day at Ellms Family Farm with Amanda and the kids.

Lots of fun including 1 1/2 hours in the corn maze

  • Sunday – just catching up on everything neglected all week including rest. Ended the day with dinner and drinks out with the hubby and two friends.

27 miles done.

This Week: 

  • Monday –  3 miles with Alyssa and Jeri, Mall walk with bff
  • Tuesday – drive to Rochester, 4 miles
  • Wednesday rest, after work drive to Liverpool
  • Thursday 4 miles in Liverpool
  • Friday – 2  miles in Liverpool??, drive home
  • Saturday 8-12 Mile Run
  • Sunday – rest, mah jongg anniversary dinner

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you? Please share.


18 thoughts on “Running Update: 10.23.17-10.29.17

  1. A corn maze sounds fun! It also looks like your had a wonderful time in NYC. I’ve said it many times, running in Central Park is one of my most favorite memories. It was in November and so pretty! I’ve got to get back. Thanks for linking!


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