Running Update: 10.2.17-10.8.17


Last Week: Recovery & Work = #HoLottaRest

  • Monday – First day volunteering with the STEM runners.  It’s a Couch to 5k so we were only running for a minute. So after work I went to get my nails done (long over due!!) and then back to run with the STEM ladies.  I guess I meant to rest because none of the runners could come.
  • Tuesday – Long drive to Buffalo for work. I was worried that I would not get in a run before dark. But I rushed and got it done.

Warm temps returned

  • Wednesday -Long day of work and a long drive home from Buffalo. I thought I might squeeze in a run before I left but it was raining 😦
  • Thursday – Had a hair appointment after work so the only time I could run was before work. Well after standing for 8 hours and driving for 5, I felt like I had been hit by a mac truck when I got up so I skipped my run?? No I went to work late and drove to a nearby trail.  Just what the doctor ordered. I felt so much better after the run (even if it was very humid out.)

Nearby park where I haven’t run in years

  • Friday – Another needed rest day and an evening with my mah Jong friends.
  • Saturday – Today I ran one of my favorite fall races, the Apple Run 5k. Another almost PR and a fun time.

27:29 and first in my age group

After the race, I needed to add more miles since next week’s weather looked rainy and I had another half in 5 weeks. So I drove to Colonie Town Park to meet Judy and run 6 more miles.

Colonie Town Park is near Judy’s favorite ice cream spot.

  • Sunday – Back up to the lake.  Could be our last boating day of the season?? Glad that the weather cooperated. A rainy morning but record temps in the afternoon.

16 miles done.

This Week: Back to Normal

  • Monday – DAY OFF – 4 miles??
  • Tuesday – rest day, tennis
  • Wednesday – 3 miles, STEM group
  • Thursday – 4 miles with Alyssa
  • Friday – rest day, mah jongg
  • Saturday – 10K race + 4 more miles
  • Sunday – boating???

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you? Please share.


11 thoughts on “Running Update: 10.2.17-10.8.17

  1. Congrats on your AG award- so cool!

    And I’m so impressed how you got your runs in on the road 🙂 It’s fun to do, but definitely takes some extra planning. Nice job!

    thanks for linking up with us!


    • You got that right. I never am confident that I can run when I’m on the road. It will be a bigger problem when we turn the clocks back.


  2. Between hurricanes, tropical storms and rainy weekends — I think we’ve called an end to our boating season. Sigh. That’s a great 5k time! Congrats on the age placement. You sure have been traveling a lot for your new job. I hope you are enjoying it. Thanks for linking!


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