TOTR: Good/Bad of Summer 2017

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The topic for today is: Good/Bad of Summer 2017

I’ll start with the Bad:

  • Work Work Work

Besides working full-time, my job has me traveling EVERY week.

Staying in hotels and eating in restaurants gets old quick.

It’s also a challenge to find places to run in unfamiliar locales.

But the worst part is that driving for 3-5 hours is tiring!!! This has put a damper on my energy level and my desire to drive to races.

  • Weather

It hasn’t been really bad except for all that rain.

I’m a big fan of sunshine!!

And for someone who loves boating, it was a downer to never be warm enough to go swimming on the weekend.  Boo Hoo!!!

yes, it was relaxing in a chair on an island but I am usually floating in a tube in the lake

  • No Vacation Time

I was only able to take two days off from work all summer.  And I used both of them to go hiking.

Now the Good:

  • Running Weather

So it was not great for boating, but it was for running.  The temps never reached the 90s and during many days, it almost felt like fall.

  • Racing Ops

I didn’t run as many races as I usually do in the summer but the ones that I did run were successful and fun!

I repeated some of my faves – Adirondack Distance Run, Silks and Satins and Race the Train.  In all three, I improved my finish time from last year.  The Al Goldstein in Brooklyn and the France Run in Central Park were inaugurals for me.  I won age group awards for Silks & Satins, Race the Train and Al Goldstein.

  • Running/Racing with Friends

It’s no secret that I run better and more seriously when I don’t run alone.  I was lucky to run with Alyssa almost weekly, Judy once and another Judy twice.

I also shared almost all my racing experiences with friends this summer.

  • New Running Routes

Thanks to my job, I experienced running in some new places… Liverpool, NY, Rochester, NY and Buffalo, NY

  • New York New York

Yes, I visited NYC several times for work and once for a race.  No better place to visit and/or run….

  • Fun with my Tennis Friends

We play tennis but mostly we go out to eat, play mah jongg and we always find a way to have a good time.

  • Boating on Lake George with the Hubby

So it wasn’t the warmest of summers but there is no more beautiful lake than Lake George (I may be biased).  We spent one day there every weekend…usually on one of the islands, relaxing, chilling and grilling with friends.

So overall, it was a pretty good summer. What about you?

Happy Running! What was the best and worst part of your summer? Do share.

17 thoughts on “TOTR: Good/Bad of Summer 2017

  1. You are traveling so much – that has to be challenging. I admire you for not letting it stop you from getting your runs in. And I’m glad you had such a good summer, but not getting to float in the lake? Floating is my favorite, I’d be a bit bummed to miss out. Still, looks like you had a lot of fun adventures. 🙂


  2. It wasn’t a bad summer and it wasn’t a great summer. Much, much better than last summer, and I am grateful for that.

    Bandit’s eating habits were super frustrating all summer long (and wouldn’t be bad if it didn’t give him digestive issues), but thankfully with the return of cooler weather he seems to be back to normal.

    Probably the best thing was my parents’ house is now under contract. Because technically it’s still summer!

    And the weather was great for running (except when I get caught in a thunderstorm that wasn’t supposed to even happen).


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