Running Update: 9.4.17-9.10.17


Last Week:

  • Monday – Day off from work for Labor Day and the weather cooperated. The hubby invited some friends to go boating with us. I convinced him to wait so I could meet up with some new running friends and go for a run first. I ran with Judy again who pushed me through another no walking run.

easier to run without stopping when you are not alone

so great to get to know these ladies better before our Wineglass Half weekend together

Then we relaxed on the boat and BBQed on one of the islands. A perfect day!!

too cool to swim but still beautiful on Lake George

  • Tuesday – Back to Rochester for work. I rained my whole drive there but I got lucky and it stopped by the time I was ready to run. I drove to Lake Ontario and ran on the beach and then on a paved trail. It was awesome. Even collected some sea glass.

yes I met a guy dressed up as a wolf holding a pirate flag

  • Wednesday – After work, I had to drive to Buffalo and set up for work the next day so no time for a run.
  • Thursday – My goal today was after work to find a scenic place in Buffalo to get in a run. It rained on and off all day but stopped by evening and so I headed to Canalside. It was windy, cool and I even got rained on but thoroughly enjoyed it.

5 miles with views of naval skips, subs, lighthouse, General Mills plant, trams and more.

  • Friday – It was raining when I got out of work and I had a 5 hour drive home so I figured that there would be no running. But the rain stopped and I squeezed in a short one around the city before it started to rain again.

lots of interesting architecture in this city

  • Saturday – I had hoped to run one of favorite 5ks today but I knew I would be too tired and didn’t sign up. I also had the option of doing my long run with some friends. But I just couldn’t drag myself out of bed that early. So instead I ran later solo.

Tired hungry thirsty no music no running partner=a run with lots of walking. Not a good one!!!

  • Sunday – An earned rest day. And the weather was perfect for a day on the lake. We met up with friends on one of the islands.

28.25 miles done.

This Week:

  • Monday –  4 mile run with Alyssa
  • Tuesday – 4 mile run in Liverpool
  • Wednesday -2 run in Liverpool
  • Thursday rest
  • Friday – 3 mile run, mah Jong 
  • Saturday – rest day and boating
  • Sunday – race or long run

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This week’s Guest Host is Sara @ Sara Runs This Town.

Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you? Please share.


16 thoughts on “Running Update: 9.4.17-9.10.17

    • I drove in that rain on Tues and Wed and did get wet running on Thurs. But not too bad.

      I wish I had ended my training on my good 11 long run not a bad one 12 miler. I’m not sure what this weekend will bring – depends on how tired I am and the weather.

      This is not a goal race for me so it is what it is. I am still living off my last Half high which was a PR. LOL

      Liked by 1 person

      • No, I didn’t just get wet. I got drenched. With a cold rain — it was actually 75 when I started but boy it got cold quickly!

        Do you ever have a goal race? 😉

        I’ll be on my own this weekend, but I’m not sure Sunday will work for me.


        • I’m not sure which day I will run.

          I used to be very goal driven. I had weekly monthly and yearly goals. And yes goal races. Except I was often disappointed.

          I am a happier runner now. And actually more successful.

          When I repeat a race, I try to be faster than the previous race.

          For new or longer races, my goal is to finish and enjoy the run. Why put unnecessary pressure on yourself? You get the same medal.

          As a result, sometimes I am pleasantly surprised that I have a fast time. Other times, not.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Pretty much the same goes whether you work hard or not. I “enjoy” doing the work (well, not always) because it gives me peace of mind when I toe the line.

            Doesn’t mean it guarantees a great race. And if that happens, it’s just the cherry on top. If not, as long as I’m not injured, I get over it quickly enough & always learn something from it.


  1. I know you are sad about boating season winding down. You’ve had some beautiful weekends at the lake! I so enjoy all of your beautiful running views and love that you seek out pretty places to run. Good luck with the upcoming half …how many weeks away is it?


  2. You had a great week of running in different places! You always have such pretty scenery. That wolf on the beach is just too funny! I’m so glad you got a pic with him. I’m afraid my lakes days are numbered — or maybe even over already!


  3. Your pictures of running in Buffalo have me homesick! Great job with your runs! I bet your time on the boat was a lot of fun!


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