Running Update: 8.28.17-9.3.17


Last Week:

  • Monday – After my drive to Rochester for work, I headed to Schoen Place to run along the Erie Canal. I ran in the opposite direction from last time and loved it.

  • Tuesday – Still in Rochester for work and planned a repeat performance of yesterday’s run. But I stumbled upon a brochure for a lighthouse not too far away (I love lighthouses.) so changed direction.

The lighthouse was closed by the time I got there because I got caught in traffic due to an accident but I found a awesome running trail along Lake Ontario

there were motivational messages all along the trail. I wish I could have stayed longer.

and some hiking trails.

Views of Eastman Lake, Durant Lake and Lake Ontario

  • Wednesday – After work, I thought about a quick run before heading home but I was beat and had a 4 hour drive.  But I had heard that the best ice cream (custard) in Rochester was at Busnell Basin and when I passed a sign, it called out to me LOL.  So I had to run in order to justify the treat.  And it was definitely worth it.

ran under that bridge and over it to get to Abbott’s custard.

  • Thursday – Cloudy cool day and a needed rest day and hair appointment
  • Friday – Another rest day. A cool and fall-like one so I didn’t feel bad about missing a run. And I hosted mah jongg at my house.
  • Saturday – I did my long run today. After a late night, I met a running friend at 7:30 am for a mile (I know that’s late for you 5 am girls) and then several others arrived. Some ran 8, Judy ran 10 and I ran 10.25 more miles with this new running partner. She forced motivated me to run without walking!! My longest run ever without walking. It felt great. Afterward we all went out for breakfast to chat about our upcoming half.

Would you believe it was 40 degrees at the beginning of the run.

I spent the rest of the day doing all that stuff you don’t have time to do when you work. Since the hubby was out having fun on the lake, I went out in the evening with a friend.

  • Sunday – Today was the annual Christmas on the lake party.  It is always so much fun but the weather Gods were against us and it rained so they changed it to Saturday. Yes, I chose running over boating but I had Big FOMO.

pic from a previous year

So I spent most of day doing laundry and decluttering before we went out in the rain to a party. 

21.25 miles done.

This Week:

  • Monday – day off from work, 3-4 mile AM run, boating
  • Tuesday – 4 mile run in Rochester?
  • Wednesday rest day, work then drive to Buffalo
  • Thursday – 4 mile run after work in Buffalo?
  • Friday – rest day, work, long drive home
  • Saturday – long run or rest day and boating
  • Sunday – rest day or race and boating

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This week’s Guest Host is Montana from pretty lil mudder. 

Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you? Please share.


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