TOLT: My Last Half

Since it is Thursday, I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

thinking out loud

Here’s what I’m thinking about today:

  • My Last Half Marathon

What else?

Did you know that I PR‘d?? LOL


There was one at my March half but not at this one unfortunately 😦

And I didn’t expect to…


  • My last half marathon time was 2:20:49.
  • I struggled to finish that race.
  • I ran a 5k race the past two weekends (instead of my 12 & 10 mile scheduled long runs.)
  • I didn’t do any LONG training runs (besides that half 3 weeks ago or any during the previous training cycle.)
  • I lazily did not run four days during the week preceding the race.
  • But I ran a 3.5 race just three days before the race.
  • I did not feel mentally prepared to run a fast race.
  • My Garmin keeps re-setting to zero after 6 miles so I would have no watch to gauge my pace.
  • I always walk at all the water stops.
Image result for half marathon race PR ecard

in this case, it was free beer

So insanely, I set out to run my 26th half marathon (on my hubby’s birthday no less)

It turned out to be my easiest half marathon and my fastest.


  • Cool weather conditions
  • No expectations
  • Ran by feel rather than staring at my watch
  • Paced myself behind a lady in a pink shirt
  • Flat course
  • Lot’s of rest so fresh legs
  • Just a fluke?

It was so effortless that….

Image result for half marathon race PR ecard

Maybe this is my fastest time (2:06:52) or maybe not.

Time will tell.

Image result for half marathon race PR ecard

I have a few shorter races planned for the summer.

I would love to PR in a 5K (before I’m too old to.)  Unfortunately my current PR race doesn’t exist anymore so I have to find another one.

I have registered for two more half marathons before the end of the year (Girls Weekends away for both):

  • October 1 – Wineglass
  • November 12 – Las Vegas

I may squeeze in one or two more.  Who knows?

For now, I’m treasuring this memory:

Happy Running! Ever wonder how you got your PR?


8 thoughts on “TOLT: My Last Half

  1. I definitely wondered how I got it at PCB — that one I didn’t really train for either — but as I keep pointing out, training is cumulative and not linear, either. And sometimes the stars just align. I’m glad they did for you (doesn’t look like they will for a dry run on Monday or almost any day next week).

    I worked really hard for it prior to NOLA, but it was still a massive surprise considering the conditions.

    PRs are nice, and I enjoy them as much as the next person, but I would have given up on running a long time ago if that were my only reason to run/race!


    • I agree. I never race for a PR nor do I work hard for one. It’s more important to have fun running. Then again, I might if I paid money for a coach.

      You never know about the weather. At least I have the whole day off so I can squeeze a run in at some point in the day (hopefully).

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  2. WOW! That is awesome!! Who knew? Your legs just wanted to run! My PR was back in my 20s, and honestly, I don’t remember the race! It is 2:29, a time I haven’t come close to in recent years. Not sure if I will again, but either way I’m okay with that 🙂


  3. I love this 🙂 It seems like that how it goes, when you aren’t really trying or expecting everything just comes together! It is a fantastic half time!! I would love to get back to that, but I always wonder if I’ll ever feel that good again…never say never though.
    I love when you find someone to pace with visually in the crowd. It helps me a lot and I have not been able to do that with intervals. (as easy)


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