Friday Five 2.0: Fashion

Since it’s Friday, I’m linking up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup! Join in! Don’t forget to link back to your hostesses and visit some other bloggers.

Today’s topic is Misc. so I am choosing last week’s topic of Fashion.

I’m an adult late onset athlete.

I started playing tennis in my 40’s.  I always maintained that if I didn’t pay “good,” at least I looked “good.”

I have the same philosophy when it comes to running (which I started in my 50’s.).  I like to look “good.” 


1. Self Esteem.

Simply put: If I dress like a runner, I feel like a runner.

2. Practicality

I wear SkirtSports because they have pockets.  I can carry my car key, my phone, fuel, etc. when I run. Plus, the pockets are hidden under the skirt.

I have tissues, Gu and car key in those pockets.

3. Motivation.

If I’m in a slump and don’t feel like running, I put on a new outfit.  It’s puts zip in my step and gets me out the door.

a cold day but a new skirt!

4. Comfort.

I wear skirts because they are more comfortable to me than shorts.  They cover my thighs and the shorts underneath don’t ride up.

5. Safety.

Wearing bright colors can help you be seen on a dark, rainy or foggy day/night.

So I may be partial to Skirt Sports but many other brands accomplish the same thing. (You can save 20% on Skirt Sports items with the code SPRINGCPT20).

Take my advice: Wear what makes you look good, makes you feel good and makes you want to get out there and run.

Don’t worry.  My Runfessions are coming tomorrow.

Happy Running! Do you think fashion is important?  Do you care about what you wear when you run?

25 thoughts on “Friday Five 2.0: Fashion

    • Yesterday was rainy and a rest day. Today…not sure and when or if I am running this weekend. Boating takes priority. Love not having to train for anything. Though I do have a 10 miler in June.

      Monday looks like rain but you never know. I have tennis on Tues and am in NYC Wed-Friday so I will try to do something on Monday. LMK if you are up for it.

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  1. That is so true about feeling better when you look good too! I’ve been trying to acquire more cute work out clothes 🙂 I still have to look into skirt sports.


  2. I’m right with you on wanting to have good running outfits – I never understood running in schluppy clothing because I know I’d feel awful if I dressed like that…heck, there’s been a handful of times where I’ve run wearing something that bugged me the entire time, and I’ve come home, ripped off the offending piece of clothing, and dropped into the donate pile! Life is too short to run in ugly, or uncomfortable, clothing.


  3. I’ve never worn a running skirt but I completely agree that if you dress the part, you feel the part, and then you act the part. And that can be applied to just about anything!

    You have great athletic style!!


  4. You do look good in the Skirt Sports! I like to wear good running clothes, but on race day I will choose function over fashion and wear my compression shorts.


  5. OH YES!!! I always say “fashion before function” LOL I always believe in looking good and put-together, whether at a race, training run, or just heading to the grocery store. I live in small-town Iowa…trust me, not everyone shares in my theory LOL


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