TOTR: Hydration

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Today’s Topic is: Hydration

This will not be an exciting post. I am pretty lax about hydrating.


  • Before a race:



my new fave

  • During a race:

Plain Water.  Gatorade makes me gag and I have been afraid to try anything new.  My stomach is irritable at best.

I never carry water. I depend on the water stops.  So far I’ve been lucky.

  • After a race:

Chocolate milk.  My favorite races have it or sometimes I bring it or stop on the way home.

Training Runs

  • Before and After:

Plain water. I use the bottles from races and fill with tap water.

  • During:

I don’t sweat a lot so unless it is warm, I do not need to drink until I am done running (if then.)

When it is hot, I usually plant water and loop around to drink.

reusable water bottle

If it is a very long run or I cannot loop, I will carry water in a Nathan Handheld (but I don’t like to carry something in my hand.


I won it at a race years ago

Happy Running! What do you drink when you run?


11 thoughts on “TOTR: Hydration

  1. I do plain water too, but even during the winter, as you know, I’m always drinking on the run. It would be nice not to have to, but I do. In fact, this year I increased how much I drank on the run!

    I used to do Nuun, but it’s too sweet for me during. It is refreshing afterwards, but I’ve gotten away from it (and just use the Saltstick Chews).


  2. I would love to see how you do with running in Texas – I wonder, will you still not sweat? My mom doesn’t really sweat; wish I would have inherited that from her, as I sweat like a fiend and therefore need to hydrate like crazy during my runs.


  3. I don’t sweat a lot either and like you, I was told that is not a good thing because you can overheat very quickly as the body is not cooling itself efficiently. Who knows! But I do know that in the spring and summer down here in Mississippi, I have to drink something on my runs whether I sweat or not! Geez, it gets hot!


  4. Nothing wrong with keeping it simple! I use water more than anything and I drink a lot of it when the humidity comes out to play…I’m a big sweater, unfortunately!


  5. It’s so hot here in the summer that I run with a handheld on pretty much every run. I’m a salty sweater too, so I need the electrolytes. Like Judy, I find the salt chews are helpful when I’m super sweaty.


  6. Lots of sweating going on here! Buckets! I like plain water unless I am running 6 miles or more then I like to add some Tailwind- it seems to have the right ingredients to last thru the Florida heat!


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