Ultimate Coffee Date – April

Confessions of a Mother Runner

Since today is the first Saturday in April, I am joining up with Coco & Deborah for their ultimate coffee date.

Over coffee or tea…

I’d tell you that I signed up for my free 6 month gym membership.  My goal of using the machines twice a week hasn’t happened yet but I did go last Saturday and I plan to go today.  It’s a start.

6 mos free gym – but their selection of classes is lacking and my membership does not include the pool, hot tub & sauna 😦

Over coffee and tea…

I’d tell you that the gym mentioned above offered a free fitness analysis (E3) so I signed up for it.  They test for strengths and weaknesses, etc. Well, I have weak hip flexors. No surprise. But I have a strong core.  They were surprised that I could plank for one minute. LOL.


Over coffee and tea…

I’d tell you that that part of the E3 analysis was a body analysis.  Green is normal so I guess I should be happy there.

But here’s the bad part, I got WEIGHED!  My scale has not had a battery for a very long time so I can’t weigh myself.  I like it this way.  Ignorance is bliss.

But now I know.  And I don’t like it!!!  I’ve never weighed this much!

The guy who weighed me said that I don’t look like I weigh that much.  It must be muscle.  He was being nice.

Over coffee and tea…

I’d tell you that I was a little upset about my weight gain.

Don’t worry. It didn’t last long.  That same day, I had popcorn at the movies and went out for pizza.

I went out the next night (for shrimp & hard cider).  Tuesday after tennis, I went out and had salad & pizza and then on Wednesday, I went out and ate pasta and birthday cake.

Life’s too short.  A girl’s gotta have fun.

Over coffee and tea…

I’d tell you that I have a race scheduled for EVERY weekend.  I know I am supposed to be training for a half marathon on April 30.  But I can’t help myself.

It’s not a good way to get in those long training runs.

Tomorrow and next weekend, I am running two of my favorite races – Delmar Dash (5 miles) and Bacon Hill Bonanza (5k) instead of 10 and 11 mile long runs.  So I just have to add more miles after the race (and eating and standing around).  Not ideal, coach!

Over coffee and tea…

I’d tell you that I almost left April 15 open for a long run and to do my taxes but I found a new race – an 8k.

its a challenging hilly race and automatic PR 🙂

Happy Running! Got anything to spill?


26 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date – April

  1. You look great and feel great that is what counts! Those damn scales lie! I never weigh myself either it is just heart breaking! I am with you a girl has to have fun and that involves pizza!

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  2. I wonder why your hip flexors would be weak? I’m glad you let the scale info go in one ear and out the other. You look and run great and that’s what counts.


  3. Don’t let the number on the scale be a buzzkill. I’ve been carrying an extra 5ish pounds recently, but all of my clothes fit fine (maybe even a little loose in places). I’m going with the “muscle theory” LOL


  4. Ugh, getting weighed is never a fun thing. The scale can be a meanie. LOL!
    Wow, a race every weekend, way to keep yourself busy! But yeah, can be harder when you’ve got a training plan to follow. You can get in those miles though, believe it and get it done! 🙂

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  5. Free 6 months of gym is pretty awesome! :O! I love the free analysis stuff they have! 😛 Don’t let that number on the scale get to you!

    That pizza looks effing amazing!


  6. You’re getting to the gym & it’s wise to make reasonable goals. Your analysis says you’re healthy & that hardly shocks me, & I don’t think the tester was being nice, either, he was being truthful.

    But I will say this: we get a lot of people like you at WW at about your age. The people blessed with a good metabolism often never learn about good nutrition, and at some point in their life, it tends to catch up with them. Off my soap box now. 🙂


    • Oh we know. We just choose to ignore it. Of course salad is healthier than pizza. Of course, fruit is healthier than pie.

      Actually the majority of the time I eat pretty healthy but I choose to cheat when I go out with friends (which can sometimes be often and sometime not.) I haven’t gotten to the point where I think that I am overweight so I need to diet.

      Hopefully I will never get to the point where I HAVE to lose lbs. Right now, I’d like to lose 5 so I have the luxury of eating them back LOL.

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      • Well, I think we’d all like to lose 5 lbs because we’d like to eat them back. Oh wait, I just did that . . . (the eating them back part, LOL).

        No, I don’t think you have to diet. But dieting and good nutrition, different things. In fact, I don’t consider the way I eat dieting, either — I have definitely dieted in my life, and that isn’t healthy.

        Granola bars, some yogurts, bagels . . . some things appear healthy but really aren’t. But some of them are!

        Your analysis shows a very healthy woman & you’re happy, that’s what counts.


        • True.

          There are actually of other things that show whether or not your are healthy besides weight and you can only get those things at a yearly physical – blood pressure, glucose level, triglycerides, cholesterol, HDL, LDL, bone density tests, colonoscopy, mammograms etc. Things we neglect and that are really important as we age. I am guilty of not getting these tested more often.


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