TOTR: Three Wishes

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Today’s Topic is: If the running genie were to grant you 3 running wishes, what would they be?

What? Only three??

Ok, here you go:

1. Free race entry, free lodging and free transportation so I could run any race I choose like maybe one in Paris…. (and yes, that’s only ONE wish).

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2.  To be faster.

I mean who doesn’t want to run faster so you could qualify for races that you can’t get into or win prizes and just be able to run with faster runners.


3. More stamina to run without walking or run longer distances.

I want my long runs to feel easier.  Is that too much to ask? How about being able to run back to back days without getting injured?


Happy Running! What would you wish for?




29 thoughts on “TOTR: Three Wishes

  1. I love the wish to go to your dream race for free! I’d love to be able to travel to any race I wanted and not have to worry about the cost!


  2. All great wishes… I think stamina and speed definitely, and to be like Dean Karnazes who has a genetic thing where he can run forever and never get tired because he never gets lactic acid buildup. That would be cool.


  3. I completely spaced off the “financial” issue with my wishes (and, trust me, it’s not like I have a free-flowing money well in my back yard). I’d LOVE the luxury of going anywhere, any time I wanted…..but, I’m not sure I’d appreciate having that luxury at my disposal. If the “free” races (or travel) are always available, I don’t think they would be as meaningful as when I have to pick and choose them and work towards making them happen (logistically).


  4. oh I love your wishes too Darlene! I am with you on those, and I’d only have one (or two 😉 ) dream “freebies” on my list! My only wish is to be injury free, but yes I would love to become faster and have more stamina. one of the reasons “no marathons” this year is because I want to get to a point where I can run all the way through. Right now, at least what I’ve already done, I am not able to do that. Actually I would also wish my saddlebags to be gone HAHAHA! how many wishes do we get??!!?

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