TOTR: Scenes From My Run (Winter 2017)

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Today’s topic is Scenes from my run.

It’s no secret that I love to run in the warm weather.  My preferred scenery is an ocean or a lake.



But since it is winter, I have to make do with what’s in my area.

Here are my favorite places to run:


Corning Bike Path along the Hudson River


UAlbany esp. the Indian Pond Trail


Colonie Town Park


Zim Smith Trail


Nisky Bike Path along the Mohawk River


Delmar Rail Trail

Now only if the winter would cooperate and we would have a dry winter.  Otherwise all the trails above will look like this:

Happy Running! Where do you like to run?


21 thoughts on “TOTR: Scenes From My Run (Winter 2017)

  1. Nisky is actually one of my least favorites, but I end up there a lot because a) it’s convenient and b) it’s mostly flat.

    Corning is also one of my favorites. I run in my neighborhood a lot (not exciting at all) and at the Crossings a lot — which is not, but not super scenic — but again, convenient and somehow just peaceful to me. Maybe it’s the lake. Maybe it’s my memories of Chester.


  2. Those bridges are beautiful! Ironically the trails that I enjoy in the summer are usually closed or unsafe in the winter so my running becomes less peaceful as I stick to the roads more than usual, or the treadmill if it’s icy.


  3. I’m envious of all those trails!! I have a lake that has about 2/3 of the “loop” as a trail, and the remaining 1/3 is a concrete path. It’s nice, I just wish I had a few more options away from the city streets.


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