TOLT: Shoes, Deferrals, Long Runs, Work Travel, Cold Weather, etc.

Since it is Thursday,  I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

thinking out loud

Here’s what I’m thinking about today:

  • Running shoes – Why do shoe manufacturers change their shoes?

I loved my Nike Zoom Vomero 10s.


The 11s are tighter in the toe box and heavier.  Grr…

Now the 12s are out which makes it hard to find the 10s.

The good news is that thanks to Amazon, I found a new pair of 10s.  I also have a pair that I found (at a great price) at a Nike Outlet when I was visiting Holly in Panama City Beach.) I will need to wear these sparingly.

Women's Nike Zoom Vomero 10 Running Shoes

  • Race Entry Deferrals – I have never deferred a race entry but I just deferred my 2017 entry into the Best Damn Race NOLA.  I registered for it on a whim and spent a whopping $10.  I doubt that I will even be able to run it next year.  But who knows?  I am still hoping to get into the NYC Half (in March 2018).
Image result for nola half marathon best damn

maybe someday??

  • Racing and Training – I am always thinking about the fact that I love to race but I am training for a half marathon.

At least our local free races have kinda fit into my schedule: 10k, 15k and next weekend 10 miler.


Well, this weekend, I need to run 10-11 miles but I signed up for a 4 mile race. I am running the race with a blogger friend.


Do I add on more miles after the race?  The race is in a very hilly area and one that gets lots of snow and ice. Do I drive home and run more miles?  (I also have a party to go to that night…)

Do I run the extra miles the next day?  Or all the miles the next day?  Remember that party…it would be easier to enjoy it if my long run were done, right? Plus I have another party on Sunday.

  • Work and Travel – I was supposed to start traveling for work next Tuesday.  That meant that I had to cancel tennis and skip 2 days of running.

The good news is that they switched me to a local site.  No travel or hotel stay.  I do have to set up a mobile lab from 4-6 pm on Tuesday and work from 8 am-6 pm on Wednesday. But I can run in the evenings if I have the energy.

The bad news is that I won’t be earning points for hotels and rental cars.  You now where I am going with this, right?


  • Winter Running – I don’t like it.  And it really hasn’t been cold – no sub-zero temps (yet). But I am trying to embrace it.  It’s mind over matter.  But after being indoors all day, it’s not so bad freezing your buns off while running.

15 with the windchill felt revitalizing

What I will hate is when we get ice and snow and there’s no safe place to get in a long run.

Happy Running! What’s on your mind today?  Please share. Do you have problems finding running shoes?  Do you defer race entries? What about long runs and race – how do you do both? How are you coping with winter temps?


14 thoughts on “TOLT: Shoes, Deferrals, Long Runs, Work Travel, Cold Weather, etc.

  1. I’m not fond of racing in the winter. Which is why I rarely do races so early in the spring. It’s not that I don’t run, but that it takes the pressure off & makes it so much easier to switch things up.

    Just remember your motto: no stress, no goals. And then decide what works for you.


  2. Love the blog – I think we are kindred spirits -and we don’t even know each other. So much of what you write – I feel exactly the same about. Now, if only I could run as much! I do a ton of 5k’s -goal to run one in every state – 12 down! I do a lot of cross training which is really good for the winter – safer inside – no ice. Look forward to your blog every day!


  3. I loved my Hoka Cliftons, then when they came out with the Clifton 2’s I hated them. Luckily I found one remaining pair of the original shoes in my size and made everything last until the 3’s came out, which are great…but the 4’s are coming soon and I have no idea if Hoka has changed them up again. Seriously, why DO they mess with success?? It’s irritating.


  4. I have been having the worst time finding shoes since the Asics Kayanos got narrower. Their wis versions are too loose for me and I can’t seem to find another brand/style that works for me. I’ve been in the Kayanos for 7 years!! I HATE when shoes change; if they want to make drastic changes, they should name them something different and just call it a whole new shoe!


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