Running Update – 1.23.16-1.29.16


Last Week:

  • Monday – Storm on the way. Boo! Got my run in! Yay!

Loved watching the geese skating on the pond

  • Tuesday – It was a miserable rainy day so I was glad it was a rest day. I did play tennis after work.

Matched my clothes to the grey skies.

The good news of the day was that I was picked as an Ambassador Captain for the third straight year.

Love this company.

  • Wednesday – a crazy day at work and Alyssa had to cancel on our after work run. So I stretched my 3 miler into 5 cuz I needed it.

  • Thursday– Another scheduled rest day. In the evening, some tennis friends and I celebrated our friend’s 70th birthday.  Doesn’t she look great?

had 2 pieces of that cake (& I don’t even like chocolate.)

  • Friday – I did go for a 2.5 mile run during lunch because my evening mah jongg game was scheduled at my house.

The wind made it feel colder than it was but felt good to get some fresh air.

  • Saturday – A scheduled rest day to do errands, get things done around the house. I actually went through my running clothes and got rid of a lot of items that I no longer wear.  Felt so good!!! Even did some knitting. Then went out to dinner with the hubby.

Pre-race fuel

  • Sunday Today I ran in the Winter Series 15k Race. It was a fun race. For the first time I ran part of a race with someone- the last 4 miles with Alyssa.

After the race, I rushed to the mall to participate in Athleta’s STEM swap.  They were collecting clothes to be given to the STEM runners.

20.3 miles done with 4 runs and 3 rest days

This Week:

  • Monday3 mile run, mall walk with BFF
  • Tuesday – rest day, tennis
  • Wednesday6 mile run with Alyssa
  • Thursday – rest day, hair appt.
  • Friday – rest day, mah jongg
  • Saturday4 mile race + 6-7 more miles, Chinese New Year’s Party
  • Sunday – rest day, knitting party
Once again, I am linking up for the Weekly Wrap hosted by these wonderful bloggers Holly @ HoHoRuns and Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlin. See rules here.

Happy Running! How is your running going? How is your running weather?


16 thoughts on “Running Update – 1.23.16-1.29.16

  1. Glad to see you running in this winter weather. It has been very cold here and I am only running twice a week. I have 2 races in Feb, I should probably ramp up the miles, but I am so loving not having to run out in the dark and damp mornings.


  2. We have the pink garbage cans here too. They certainly stand out. I like the idea of the Athleta clothing swap for the STEM group. Congrats on another year of being a SkirtSports Ambassador Captain. You do a fabulous job representing their brand. Your friends looks great! Thanks for linking, Darlene!


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