My Apple Watch 2 Review

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As soon as the first Apple watch came out. I wanted one. I’m a geek and I like techie toys. But it was expensive and didn’t even have a GPS so I resisted.

And I knew that my biggest need would eventually be a new GPS watch.

I love my Garmin 205 (that I bought in January 2011) and it still works. It’s also a conversation starter at races: “Wow! I’ve never seen one so big!!” is what other runners exclaim.

Lately I’ve only been using it for races trying to extend its life. (Its battery life is shot 😦 )

After a stressful summer, I decided that if I ever got a job, I would reward myself with an Apple watch. And I did get a job after 12 weeks of searching but was informed that a new and improved Apple watch would be coming out in September.  So I decided to wait.

And I then I bought one…  I told my hubby that is would be my Christmas/Chanukah gift.

So here’s what I like about it:

The Apple Watch 2 has a GPS!!

I don’t use my Garmin for my everyday training runs. I used to use the Runkeeper app on my iphone especially if I was unsure of the distance. Now I don’t have to keep taking my iphone out of my pocket or race belt to see my pace and how far I’ve run. I just look on my wrist. So convenient!!!

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You also get to see all your different stats.

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Plus, since I use it as a watch, I always have it on so I don’t worry if I forget my phone or have left my Garmin at home. I can just go run!

You can download your music to it and listen to your tunes while you run with wireless headphones.

The GPS is built in so you don’t have to carry your phone.  However, many of the apps will not work if you don’t but you are out running, do you need to check your email? (I do usually carry my phone though.)

You can even track indoor runs. Yes, that means I can use the treadmill, if necessary.

It comes with the Workout app but you can download any running app you’d like: Runkeeper, Runtastic, Nike+, Couchto5K, etc.

You don’t have to wait to find a signal.  (Is that only because my Garmin is so old??)

The Apple Watch 2 is water-resistant and can be submerged up to 50 metres.

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So next summer, I won’t have to worry if it gets wet while running or splashed when out in the boat.

You can even use it to track your swimming. (Though that will never happen by me but good for you TRIers.)

The Apple Watch is also a fitness tracker.

I won’t have to wear my watch and my Fitbit at the same time.


Plus I had to take out my iPhone in order to see how many steps I had many times during the course of each day.  Very annoying. (But I had the basic Fit Bit.)

The Apple Watch 2 has a lot of cool features.

For example, it shows your heart rate.

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There is a mindfulness breathing app plus many other tools. Throughout the course of the day, it asks to stop what you are going and just breathe (for a minute.)

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It also reminds you when you have been sitting for a long time (an hour, I think) to get up and move.

You can do so many tasks by just talking to Siri.

You can ask her (just say “Hey Siri”) to send or respond to a text, send an email …

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…or even play songs, etc.

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In fact, that’s how I usually respond to my texts.  I can just respond to them by talking to my watch. (Makes me feel like a spy.)

My favorite feature is the calendar and reminders. It reminds me of all the things that I need to do during the course of the day. That’s so useful when you have a lot of things going on.  You will never miss an appointment.

hey, I may forget to eat LOL

I also like how you can customize the face.


just swipe to get one with your favorite photos

It looks good.  Depending on how much you want to spend, you don’t have to get the plastic sports band.

Unlike my phone, I don’t have to charge it every night.  The battery usually lasts 3 days but as a rule, I do charge it more frequently (out of habit.)

I could go on and on about why I am glad that I bought the Apple 2 watch.

But what don’t I like about the Apple 2 watch?

The first thing is most apps don’t work if you don’t have you iPhone on you.  In other words, you have to carry your phone or have it nearby. That’s not a problem for me, since it is on my desk at work and I carry it when I run. 

I miss the step challenges and competitions available when you use a Fit Bit. (All my friends have Fit Bits. )

I can’t explain it but it’s just not a running watch.

I guess I’m just used to my Garmin and that all it does is track my runs.  I can easily click Start and Stop.  I can check my split paces.  And if I want, sync it to my computer or the cloud and check out all my stats including elevation graphs etc.

In other words, the Apple Watch 2 is a great smart watch and perfect for anyone with an iPhone including the casual runner.

But for serious runners, I would recommend keeping your Garmin.

Since my Garmin 205’s life is short-lived, anyone recommend a cheap alternative?  I don’t need much and I don’t want to spend much!!!

Happy Running! Do you have an Apple Watch?  If so, what do you think? What do you use to track your runs?






10 thoughts on “My Apple Watch 2 Review

  1. I inherited my son’s Apple watch when he upgraded to the Apple 2, and I do like it – and I feel like Dick Tracy when I speak my texts to it, LOL – but I agree, it’s not a running watch. That said, it IS very nice and I like having things like Apple Wallet in my dock…I have my registration all ready to scan for Houston when I go to the expo, which will be handy, no taking my phone out of my purse. Plus I like that you can set it up for a left-handed person. 😉

    Speaking of Garmins, I have the Forerunner 220 and I really, REALLY love it. I had one similar to yours – the 305, I think, and yes, it used to take forever to get a signal. Not so with the new one, plus it’s so lightweight and pretty simple to read, considering I don’t have my reading glasses on when I’m using it.


  2. I have the first gen Apple Watch, and yes, it’s not a running watch. Even without the GPS, I could use it with the Nike+ app. I just didn’t like it as much as my Garmin for running. But I like my Apple Watch for everyday use. I like the notifications when I’m getting a call or a text, especially when I’m with patients. I can glance at my wrist and see who’s trying to reach me.

    Now I have a new Garmin–the 230. The 235 is what everyone is getting but the only difference is that it has a HR monitor. I couldn’t justify the extra expense, so I don’t often do HR training.


  3. Many cool features, but I don’t have an iPhone. When my old garmin died I used Runkeeper for a while. It had some cool features also, but I hated fooling with it at race starts. My phone always seemed to log me out right before the race began!


  4. Wow that is a pretty sweet thing! If I wasn’t a droid user I just might consider this. I’ve been anti-iphone for several years now and I don’t see myself going back. 🙂 Even with my garmin I miss the half way notification notice. I like knowing I’m half way there for some reason!


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