Friday Five 2.0: Girls Weekend Race-cation

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I have traveled to California and Vermont to run a half marathon with one friend.  I have also spent a weekend in Philly with 4 other women to run a half marathon and it was so much fun.

Spoiler Alert: I am currently in Panama City Beach with 7 other awesome women and tomorrow we will be running a half marathon together!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My topic for today is Five Reasons to Take a Girls Weekend Race-cation.

1. Training Support


Heidi, Adrienne & 1 training together for March 2014 race weekend in Philly

When you are training for the same race, you get support for your runs and race goals either in person or virtually.


sharing some miles with Judy

In addition to local blogger Judy, I have connected with and supported my other partners in crime for this weekend’s race through blogging, Instagram and FB.

2.  Cost Savings


Lisa & Andrea – my roommates whom I had never met before the weekend in Philly

It is definitely cheaper to share a room with friends than staying in a hotel solo or with your hubby.

This time, Holly has graciously offered her home to 7 running bloggers – most of whom she has never met in person. Thank you Holly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3.  Visiting New Places


even in the rain, we visited all the sites of Philly

I love to travel and explore new cities.  I have never been to Panama City Beach or this part of Florida.  I am especially looking forward to beach views and sunsets.

Image result for panama city beach


4. Sharing Your Racing Experience With Others




the Philly group – Andrea, Adrienne, Lisa, Heidi, me (& Heidi’s hubby)

I have raced most of my half marathons alone.  I have enjoyed each one but not nearly as much as the one in Philly (in spite of the rain). We went to the expo together, carb loaded the night before, lined up at the start and met after the race to debrief.

I am sure the same will be true this weekend and I expect it to be totally awesome!!

5. Forging New Friendships


Andrea & I at VCM relay

The Philly group has kept in touch on Facebook.  I have bumped into Andrea at several races.  We had planned another race-cation with Lisa but ZOOMA Cape Cod got cancelled.  We still hope that another will happen in the future.

I can’t wait to share everything that happens with my NEW FRIENDS this weekend in Panama City Beach!!!

( Maybe not everything – What happens in Panama City Beach stays in Panama City Beach, right?)

Happy Running! Have you ever taken a Girls Weekend Race-cation?




5 thoughts on “Friday Five 2.0: Girls Weekend Race-cation

  1. Have a wonderful time. So jealous. Of Florida and of meeting up with everyone. I am sure you will take full advantage of it.


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