Runfessions – November 

It’s that time again (actually yesterday.) Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

Don’t be jealous but I am meeting her in the flesh next weekend!!!! Woo Hoo!!

I runfess…

I was in NYC for work for 5 days last week. I packed very light.  In fact, I only brought ONE pair of capris and one sport bra.  Don’t judge.  I packed 3 different tops.

I runfess…

Though I was in NYC for work, my mind was fixated on “Where and when I could run each day.

I was more prepared this time than the last.  I knew where to run.  I planned better too.  I ran on the way to work (left clothes there the day before) and during lunch.


East River Greenway is great place to run.

I runfess…

I ran SIX races this month. Remember I suffer from the FOMO disease.

I ran two in one week and two in one day!!

Of course, I am running a race next weekend too.

I runfess…

Running 6 races in November just means that my long runs were non-existent or should I say non-traditional.


5k plus 10 with several breaks

I runfess…

Does anyone have amnesia when it comes to dressing for a new season?  I can never remember what to wear for what temperature.  That’s why I love summer.  No decisions – skirt & tank.

Now it’s – what kind of hat, which gloves, how many layers, tights or capris?  And it takes awhile to get it right.



I runfess…

I have a half marathon next Saturday.  I am more excited about meeting some fantastic bloggers than about my finish time.  So I hope Holly, Tricia, Marybeth, Wendy, Karen, Marcia & Judy can pull me through these 13.1 miles.

Image result for running bloggers ecard

Happy Running! Anything to Runfess?





6 thoughts on “Runfessions – November 

  1. You’ll have so much fun next weekend. I’m jealous ! And yes, I always forget how to dress with a season change. I always overdress or underdress.


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