Friday Five 2.0

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1. It’s Friday!  Such a long week… Ever have one those work weeks that drag on….?

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2.  It was 85 degrees two days ago.  Now they are saying 40 degrees and maybe snowflakes for tomorrow.  I am not ready!!! Are you also having this schizophrenic fall weather?

3.  I have a 5k race tomorrow night.  What do I wear?  I forgot how to dress for cooler weather.  Anyone else have this problem?

4.  I have such a busy weekend planned that I did my long run on Wednesday after work.  8 miles during the week.  This rarely happens.


5.  I will be in NYC for 5 days next week for work.  All I can think about is where can I run? And when? My hotel (on 6th & 26th) is one mile from the Hudson River and one mile from the East River. If anyone lives in NYC and can give me advice, please do!


6.  Cuz I couldn’t stop at 5.  I put my name in for the NYC Half Marathon lottery AGAIN!  I’ll keep trying but if I wait 2 more years, I can qualify with a time of 2:12:00.  There are perks to getting older.

Image result for nyc half marathon 2017

March 19, 2017 – 2 weeks after my Treasure Coast Half

Happy Running! Have a great weekend!






14 thoughts on “Friday Five 2.0

  1. Our weather in Iowa has been so schizophrenic as well. It got hot last weekend (but stayed cloudy), Monday I ran in a tank top and shorts at 5:00AM. Wednesday it also was warm (but windy). Yesterday was freezing (low 50’s and mucho windy. Today it was warmer,but windy (again). it’s supposed to be in the high 60’s/70’s this weekend…(???). It’s crazy trying to figure out what to wear


  2. How exciting to go to NYC for work, I know how much you love it there. Enjoy your runs ! And good luck for the half. Fingers crossed that you get in.


  3. I hope you get in the NYhalf! You ran such a great race and earned a spot. Fingers crossed.
    I ran in sports bra last week it was so hot in the mornings lol and then booom, it gets super windy. It isn’t cold though at all! Very pretty, 65 degrees and finally not humid:)


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