Friday Five: Missing The Old Job

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If you read my blog, you know that I was laid off from my job after 10 years and now I have a new one.

My Friday Topic is Five Reasons I Miss My Old Job. That is the running related reasons.

1. The treadmill


Ok.  I hate the treadmill.  But it was really convenient to have one in the building to squeeze in a lunchtime run and after work, if it were raining or too icy to run outdoors.

Now, I have to drive to my free gym.  There’s one at work but you have to pay to use it. 😦

2. Nearby Running Routes


along the lake in the park

I was fortunate to work near a beautiful park and many city neighborhoods.

annual Tulips in the park

Now I work near an outdoor shopping center and some main roads.

Now I have to drive to nearby UAlbany to run around the campus.

3. The Track


The track was another nearby place to run during lunch or after work.  It was great for speed workouts or just when you wanted a surface easy on the feet.

Now I have to drive to run on a college or high school track. (And I doubt that I will.)

4. Running during lunchimg_8924

I used to have my own office plus an hour for lunch.  Especially when it wasn’t so hot, I would change into my running clothes and go for a run during lunchtime.

Now I have a cubicle and only 1/2 hour for lunch.  It is convenient to walk around the shopping center (where there is a Starbucks) but that’s about it. My running is now done after work unless I drag myself out of bed in the morning. (I also go to work an hour earlier.)

5. Running Conversations


selfie with a professor & the Dean after the Freihofer’s 5K

Where I used to work, there were so many staff and faculty who were runners.  We participated in races together (Corporate Challenge and Charity Races) and kept up-to-date on each other’s successes (and injuries.)  I even inspired two co-workers to start running.


Race for the Cure team

** Enough time off for race-cations. 


race-cation in Sarasota, FL

In my old job, I got 6 weeks off plus 2 weeks at Christmastime.  I used to take at least two race-cations each year in addition to Fridays off to run some NYC races.


Now, I only get 3 weeks off per year (and nothing for the first 6 mos.)

** I also miss the PEOPLE, the things I did for my job, the salary and the benefits!!!

Not to be a Debbie Downer, there are some positives:

  1. I had 12 weeks off this summer – PAID!! I was able to do a lot of hiking, running, boating and playing tennis.
  2. I don’t have to worry anymore about finding a job, earning a paycheck and having health insurance.
  3. I am learning new things.
  4. I am meeting new people.
  5. I will travelling around NYS for my job.  Hopefully I will get to squeeze in some runs in some new places.

Happy Running! What would you miss if you changed jobs?


12 thoughts on “Friday Five: Missing The Old Job

  1. I work in Cambridge, MA so I would miss the great running we have along the Charles River. It’s also a great location to get to some of the local mid-week 5Ks. We have a great but small gym that makes those mid-winter treadmill runs convenient also.
    I’d probably miss some of the people also!
    Congrats on the new job


  2. Hopefully you’ll be able to discover some new things at your current job to take the place of the stuff at the old one! It seems like there are runners everywhere these days so maybe there are some co-workers that are runners in hiding and know of secret places to run near the office 🙂


  3. That is a big adjustment!
    I cannot imagine running during the middle of the day though! That is cool you did that.
    I get about 21 days off a year and I do have off when school closes for Christmas, that is my only real benefit to working in a school. I have been with the same school system 20 years and done a bunch of different jobs and i miss working a lighter schedule, but my pay was super low- like under $20,000 low, so I had to take an office job when Andrew got older. I sure miss having off in the summer though.


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