TOLT: Training, Racing, Working, etc.

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Since it is Thursday,  I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

Here’s what I’m thinking about today:

Racing vs Training

It’s no secret that I prefer to race than train.  Training isn’t fun.  There’s no pressure.  But I kinda like the pressure.

So I have two more halfs planned – Oct 9 and Dec 3.

And I will probably race every weekend …cuz that’s what I do.

On that note, there were so many choices this weekend. I am busy on Saturday so that’s leaves Sunday.

Image result for falcon 5k albany

Sunday, September 25, 2016 9:30 am – Washington Park

I choose this one simply because I have friends running it.  It is a 2 loop course with hills.  I hate loops and hills are not my friend but whatever. I am assuming that the course is similar to the Teal Ribbon Ovarian Cancer Race that I ran a few years ago.


It’s at this race that I heard about the Troy Turkey Trot training group – I am in it now for the 3rd year.

And then afterward I will continue running around the area for at least 5 more miles.

Runner’s High

No PRs yet but I am still feeling good about my most recent race times.


Half Marathon in 2:11:56 – my 2nd best time – 2 minutes 17 sec off a PR

They changed the results and I did win 3rd in my age group.  The race organizer has the hat that I won.




5k time 27:30 – 3rd best 5k time 20 sec off a PR

Work  &  Time

It seems like I won’t be really working 8 am – 4 pm.  It could involve working until 7 pm.  It could involve being out of town for 2 to 5 days at a time (with NO time to run.)


my mobile training lab – these babies weigh 80 lbs each! I think I need to do some strength training.

This will really cut into my running time.  And the dates are out of my control.

I can run 5ks without training but 13.1 miles?? That would be painful and too risky injury-wise.

Plus I get very little time off. (I already registered for the Dec & Mar halfs so I have to take those days without pay 😦 )

What to do???

I need a Sugar daddy so I can quit my job!

Only kidding…

I will do my best to fit it all in.  When there’s a will, there’s a way.  Or else I’ll stick to the short local races and work on speed. (Will I be done at 24 half marathons until retirement?)

There are more things in my head but since I never have time any more & my lunch 1/2 hour is over, I’ll stop here.

Happy Running! What’s on your mind today?


2 thoughts on “TOLT: Training, Racing, Working, etc.

  1. Ack, that’s a lot of travel you have for work! It’s a conundrum – working means more race entries, but working also cuts into your racing time. How many more years until retirement? 😉


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