Father’s Day Valley Cats Home Run 5K Race Recap


I really wasn’t planning on running a race today.  In fact, I thought that I would spend the day on the lake.

But somehow, I signed up for this race.  I knew someone doing it and since I had been depressed all week (after being laid off from my job), I decided a race would make me feel better.  And it did!!

I ran this race once before but that was 6 years ago.

with fellow blogger & runner, Amanda. She no longer blogs or runs and I no longer wear shorts. I still eat ice cream. Some things never change LOL

I remember the course having hills but that was about it. Below is the course map and elevation:


I was really relaxed about this race.  It was very warm and so I had no real goals besides enjoying myself.


I got there early and relaxed.


cotton tee shirt – UGH!! but you got 4 free tix to a Valley Cats game.

I sat in the bleachers of this minor league baseball park and used the “real” rest rooms while waiting for every one to arrive.


the finishers are captured on the large stadium screen

The race is organized by the Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Club, a local running organization.

I could not believe how many runners, I saw that I knew.  It was like a running reunion.  We chatted about past races and future races until it was time to head to the start line.


posing before the race

There was no chip  timing so I started pretty close to the front.  The race began in the parking lot and then we ran around the outside of the stadium before heading into the neighborhoods.



I had played tennis four days in a row.  Boy, were my legs feeling it.  My first mile is usually my fastest but not today. I was dragging and soooo thirsty.

Finally there was a water stop around mile 1.5 so I walked a bit. The neighborhoods were rolling hills but nothing too bad until one steep one during the second mile.  I tried to run up it and the legs just weren’t having it. So I walked about half of it.

I finally got into a groove during mile 3.  Maybe because there was a down hill.

We finished the race inside the stadium and I gave it everything.  I really wanted to finish under 29 minutes.


And I did  – 28:47!

Everyone whom I talked to before the race seemed to have a good race. Some finished ahead of me and some after.

I wasn’t hungry right away but eventually I was able to eat a hot dog, banana and cookie while waiting for the awards.


And I did win one – 2nd in my age group.



A pair of wool gloves – how appropriate!?


It was definitely an enjoyable race.  It was the pick me up that I needed.  I may have to add this one back on my races-to-do list.

mile 1- 9:10
mile 2 – 9:41
mile 3 – 8:48
.15 –  7:43

I even beat my 2010 time of 29:40.

Because I’m crazy like that, I signed up for another 5k for tomorrow.  It’s in Lake George so right after the race, I’ll be heading up to our marina to spend the rest of the day on the boat. Can’t wait!!


my hubby and friends TODAY!!

Happy Running! How was your weekend?


10 thoughts on “Father’s Day Valley Cats Home Run 5K Race Recap

  1. Aww D, I am so sorry your were laid off from your job. That’s awful but at least you were able to rebound and have a great race. How weird that you won wool gloves as an AG award. That is so strange.


  2. Darlene! I’m so sorry you were laid off from your job. Thank goodness for running and tennis, right? Great job on the Sat race and I”m sure you are on the boat enjoying some post race recovery today. Looking forward to the recap of that race.


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